Interfood Technology offers a wide range of machines that cater for the baking industry. From mixing and cooking to dusting and sprinkling, our equipment solutions ensure both savoury and sweet bakery products are made to the highest standard.


Sparc Systems Cerberus combination metal detection packaging inspection and checkweighing system
Sparc Systems
Cerberus is a highly accurate, fully integrated combination machine designed for advanced metal detection, packaging inspection and checkweighing.
Buhmann Servowrap C500
Buhmann Logo
The SERVOWRAP C500 is a high speed fully automatic wraparound packer that builds solid or corrugated cartons, trays and tray/lid combinations from pre-glued or flat blanks.
Alco The Spiral Freezer ASK
Spiral Freezer ASK
The JBT alco Spiral Freezer ASK rapidly freezes your product, locking in freshness, flavour and quality using its adjustable spiral belt technology.
Sparc Eye
Sparc Systems
SparcEye is a high-speed vision inspection system, accepting or rejecting at a line speed of up to 200ppm packs with pin-point accuracy.
Sparc Systems Raptor fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Raptor label inspection system is designed to ensure accurate information and data on product labels.
Sparc Systems Iris Pipeline X ray Inspection System
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Iris is a pipeline x-ray inspection system that has been exclusively manufactured for products that flow through a pipe.
Sparc Systems Theia Combination X Ray Inspection Machine
Sparc Systems
The Theia 420 from Sparc Systems is the most advanced and practical combination x-ray detection, inspection and checkweighing system available, identifying and rejecting products with bone, glass, rubber and metal contaminants.
Sparc Systems Apollo X-ray Inspection
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Apollo is a fully automated x-ray inspection system for fast and accurate rejection of out-of-tolerance or contaminated packs.
Sparc Systems Sentinel Checkweigher System
Sparc Systems
Sentinel XL
The Sentinel XL is a highly accurate, fully integrated check-weighing system, specifically designed for food production environments.
Marlen Afoheat™ Select Infrared Roaster
Afoheat™ Select Infrared Roaster
The Afoheat™ Select Infrared Roaster combines the efficient heat transfer methods of gas-fired infrared radiation and convective heat into a continuous oven.
Marlen Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker
Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker & Brander
Also known as the ‘bar-marker’, the Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker & Brander can apply authentic chargrill ‘stripes’ to a wide range of meat, seafood, vegetable, or even bakery products, processed from raw, fully cooked, chilled, or frozen.
Marlen Afoheat™ Select Flame Searer
Afoheat™ Select Flame Searer
The Afoheat™ Select Flame Searer is equipped with gas-powered direct ribbon flame technology and a host of operator and maintenance friendly features.
Hiperbaric H525 In-Bulk
Hiperbaric H525 / 1050 In-Bulk
The Hiperbaric In-Bulk technology allows for processing beverages in bulk before bottling.
Hiperbaric 525
Hiperbaric 525
The Hiperbaric 525 is the largest Hiperbaric in-pack unit and is the world’s largest, most productive HPP system in the world.
Hiperbaric 420
Hiperbaric 420
The Hiperbaric 420 is the best-selling HPP machine in the market. With a first in its range, the Hiperbaric 420 offers a 380mm diameter.
Hiperbaric 300 In-Pack
Hiperbaric 300
The Hiperbaric 300 is known to be the most suitable option for medium-high productions.
Hiperbaric 135 In-Pack
Hiperbaric 135
The Hiperbaric 135 is the fastest industrial HPP machine in the world.
Hiperbaric 55 In-Pack
Hiperbaric 55
The Hiperbaric 55 is the ideal first step into the high-pressure processing systems with its 55 litre and a 200mm diameter.
CelsiusFood ConVec Convection Oven
CelsiusFood Logo
ConVec Convection Oven
The ConVec Convection Oven is ideal for broiling, browning or baking products in forms. The convection oven adds colours to ready-meals and steam-cooked products before packaging.
CelsiusFOOD ConUno Base Cooker
CelsiusFood Logo
ConUno Base Cooker
The ConUno Base Cooker uses a unique heating technology for challenging products that may be sticky, liquid, viscous or marinated.
CelsiusFOOD ConduVec Combi Oven
CelsiusFood Logo
ConduVec Combi Oven
The ConduVec Combi Oven combines conduction with convection and non-stick conveyors and is ideal for ground meat, bone-in and irregular shaped products.
Buhmann Servosleeve C800
Buhmann Logo
The Buhmann SERVOSLEEVE C800 is a fully automatic flat blank sleeving machine which precisely folds and glues the flat blank sleeves around a product pack.
Buhmann Servoset L400
Buhmann Logo
The SERVOSET L400 is a lidding machine for thermoformed packs, trays or pots. This machine is a high-quality ‘snap on lid’ lidding machine.
Buhmann Logo
The SERVOFILL F300 fills any type of products that are able to travel through a pump and that have a flowing consistency.
Buhmann Servokart C100
Buhmann Logo
The SERVOKART C100 is a stainless-steel design that erects the pre-glued cardboard blanks in the highest quality, precision and flexibility.
Buhmann PF200 Pack Stacker
Buhmann Logo
The SERVOFEED PF200 is a compact stacking conveyor for the automatic collating and stacking of packs.
Alco The Spiral Oven ASH
Spiral Oven ASH
The JBT alco Spiral Oven ASH cooks with hot air and/or steam, without the need for any additional fat or oil.
Alco The Preduster ABM
Preduster ABM
The JBT alco Preduster ABM gives a thorough and even coating for floured meat and fish products, predusted convenience food, seafood, pastries, and sweets.
Alco The Fryer AGF
Fryer AGF
The JBT alco Fryer AGF covers a broad range of products and has a choice of adjustable settings from flash frying and searing to full cooking.
Alco The Drum Breader ADB
Drum Breader ADB
The JBT alco Drum Breader ADB gently applies dried spices, herbs or flour to bone-in products, removing the challenge of coating irregular shaped products.
Alco The Mixer AMP
Mixer AMP
The JBT alco Mixer AMP has been developed with all aspects of mixing in mind, providing you with the perfect mixing solution.
Alco The Breading Machine APT
Breading Machine APT
The JBT alco Breading Machine APT gives a perfect crisp coating to battered products and can be easily adjusted to suit a broad range of crumb types.
Alco The Linear Oven AGU
Linear Oven AGU
The JBT alco Linear Oven AGU simply and effectively cooks and browns your products with maximum efficiency, maintaining moisture and tenderness.
Weber Shuttle System WSS
weSHUTTLE System
The Weber weSHUTTLE system sets new standards in food production and offers a flexible alternative to conventional product transport systems.
wePICK Robot
The wePICK Robot from Weber is the fully automated and efficient solution for picking and placing products into the packaging machine precisely in any orientation.
Weber wePACK 7000 Thermoformer
wePACK 7000 Thermoformer
The wePACK 7000 is Weber’s state-of-the-art thermoformer packaging solution, specifically designed for slicing applications.
Batch Microwave Tempering Unit AMW
The Batch Microwave Tempering Unit AMW from SAIREM offer allow rapid tempering of frozen food products with treatment times of less than 10 minutes.
SAIREM Continuous MW Unit
Continuous Microwave Tempering Unit TMW
The Continuous Microwave Tempering Unit TMW from SAIREM offer allow rapid tempering of food products with treatment times of less than 10 minutes.
CK1500 Continuous Cooker
The CK1500 Continuous Cooker from Marinox is a highly flexible and versatile continuous cooking solution, offering gentle processing and high hourly output for applications including ready meal components, vegetables, dumplings, soup ingredients, meatballs, filled pasta, and dry pasta.
Drum Cooker
DK950 Drum Cooker
The Marinox DK950 Drum Cooker is designed for automatic, continuous cooking of pourable food such as ready meal components, pasta, rice, quinoa, vegetables, sausages, prawns, or cereals.
CK800 Continuous Cooker
The CK800 Continuous Cooker provides an efficient and space-saving solution for automatic continuous cooking with water. Typical applications including ready meal components, pasta, vegetables, and meat products i.e. sausages.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Automation Systems
Automation Systems with high technological value, high efficiency levels, and low management costs to set the Colussi Ermes automation systems apart from the rest on the market. From crate openers and destacking systems to vision systems and robotic solutions, the manufacturer is equipped with over 50 years of expertise to develop a tailor-made solution, whatever your requirement.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Crate Washing Systems
Automatic and highly versatile crate washing and sanitising systems for collapsible, rigid, and stackable crates and baskets, developed to increase efficiency and maximise productivity, whilst removing even the most stubborn residue.
Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing System - Utensil Washers
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Knives, Blades and Utensil Washers
Fully automated, high pressure washing and sanitizing units for knives, blades, utensils, and knife-holder racks, designed to eliminate even the most aggressive bacteria to pharmaceutical hygiene standards.
Colussi Ermes s.r.l. - Advanced Washing System - Pallet Shelf Washing Systems
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Pallet Washing Systems
Fully automated, high pressure washing systems for pallets and shelves. Designed to obtain maximum energy efficiency, and reduce water and detergent consumption, whilst removing even the most stubborn residue.
Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing System - Rack Washing Systems