Cheese & Dairy

Interfood Technology provides a great range of cheese and dairy equipment solutions for further processing including cooking, slicing, dicing, shredding, grating, clipping, cooking and end of line inspection and packing.


GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPM Tumbler
Günther Maschinenbau
GPM Tumbler
The Günther GPM Tumblers are ideal for mixing salads, marinating, or tumbling.
GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPA Tumbler
Günther Maschinenbau
GPA Tumbler
Ideal for tumbling, mixing, or marinating, the Günther GPA tumbler is stable, energy efficient, and low maintenance.
KG Wetter VCM Bowl Cutter
Vacuum Cutmix Bowl Cutters
The new K+G Wetter GmbH Vacuum Cutmix Bowl Cutters provide maximum operational reliability due to unrivalled high standard of hygiene.
KG Wetter Mixer Grinder MW U200
Mixer Grinder MW U200
The K+G Wetter GmbH Mixer Grinder is the first of its kind as it grinds and mixes with no losses.
K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters CM
Cutmix Bowl Cutters
The K+G Wetter GmbH Cutmix Bowl Cutters are robust, capable tools with a stable base and innovative software to ensure easy operability.
K+G Wetter Angle Grinder
Angle Grinder
The K+G Wetter GmbH Angle Grinder is the world’s only grinder with easy access for simple and efficient work.
Weber Shuttle System WSS
weSHUTTLE System
The Weber weSHUTTLE system sets new standards in food production and offers a flexible alternative to conventional product transport systems.
wePICK Robot
The wePICK Robot from Weber is the fully automated and efficient solution for picking and placing products into the packaging machine precisely in any orientation.
Turbochef by ALKAR
The TurboChef by ALKAR is a highly flexible industrial oven renowned for its versatility, incorporating microwave, convection, and steam heating technologies. Designed for food manufacturers seeking optimal cooking efficiency, the TurboChef offers an energy-saving, high-performance solution across a diverse range of applications.
Weber weSLICE 9500
weSLICE 9500 Slicer
Designed and precision-engineered in Germany to the highest standards with a compact footprint, hygienic design, and 520mm slicing throat, the versatile weSLICE 9500 sets the new standard in slicing.
Weber Slicer 905
905 Slicer
The Weber 905 Slicer has the widest cutting throat on the market at 620mm, combining high capacity with high performance.
Weber Slicer 804
804 Slicer
The Weber 804 Slicer is the most efficient slicer in its class, offering all-around performance.
Weber Slicer 604
604 Slicer
The Weber 604 Slicer is the flexible all-rounder, capable of up to 600 cuts per minute from products up to 1700mm in length.
Weber weSLICE 1000 Slicer - entry-level model from Weber, offering a compact yet powerful slicing solution for processors requiring high flexibility and small batches.
weSLICE 1000 Slicer
The weSLICE 1000 Slicer is the newest entry-level model from Weber, offering a compact yet powerful slicing solution for processors requiring high flexibility and small batches.
Weber weSLICE 4000/4500 slicer
weSLICE 4000/4500 Slicer
High performance in a small footprint - the weSLICE 4000/4500 Slicer is the latest mid-size model from Weber, offering high-flexibility for small-batch applications.
Weber wePACK 7000 Thermoformer
wePACK 7000 Thermoformer
The wePACK 7000 is Weber’s state-of-the-art thermoformer packaging solution, specifically designed for slicing applications.
Weber TS750 Slicer
TS750 Slicer
The Weber TS750 Slicer is a high-speed involute blade slicer, designed specifically for bulk or retail bacon slicing. Capable of slicing up to 1850 rpm.
Weber TS700 Slicer
TS700 Slicer
The TS700 Slicer from Weber is a high capacity, highly efficient involute blade slicer, capable of slicing up to 1850rpm.
Weber TS500 Slicer
TS500 Slicer
The TS500 Slicer from Weber is a powerful yet compact circular blade machine equipped with a 420mm wide / 170mm high slicing throat.
Steriflow Steriliser
Microflow Steriliser
This is a tailor-made sterilising solution. The microflow units are equipped with the same safety and control elements as their industrial counterparts.
Steriflow Dali (Cascading Water)
Dali Steriflow
The Dali Steriflow offers low-frequency shaking and rotary performance at an advantageous price.
Steriflow Shaka (Cascading Water)
Shaka® Steriflow
The Shaka® Steriflow is a resourceful autoclave as it allows a significant reduction in the sterilization time.
Steriflow Rotary (Cascading Water)
Rotary Steriflow
The Rotary Steriflow is the perfect method of sterilizing food products that are recommended to be ‘stirred’.
Steriflow Static (Cascading Water)
Static Steriflow
The Static Steriflow is an autoclave that is perfectly suited for the food industry. The Static is fitted with a powerful pump for shorter and more homogenous cycles.
Sparc Eye
Sparc Systems
SparcEye is a high-speed vision inspection system, accepting or rejecting at a line speed of up to 200ppm packs with pin-point accuracy.
Sparc Systems Raptor fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Raptor label inspection system is designed to ensure accurate information and data on product labels.
Sparc Systems Iris Pipeline X ray Inspection System
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Iris is a pipeline x-ray inspection system that has been exclusively manufactured for products that flow through a pipe.
Sparc Systems Theia Combination X Ray Inspection Machine
Sparc Systems
The Theia 420 from Sparc Systems is the most advanced and practical combination x-ray detection, inspection and checkweighing system available, identifying and rejecting products with bone, glass, rubber and metal contaminants.
Sparc Systems Cerberus combination metal detection packaging inspection and checkweighing system
Sparc Systems
Cerberus is a highly accurate, fully integrated combination machine designed for advanced metal detection, packaging inspection and checkweighing.
Sparc Systems Apollo X-ray Inspection
Sparc Systems
The Sparc Systems Apollo is a fully automated x-ray inspection system for fast and accurate rejection of out-of-tolerance or contaminated packs.
Sparc Systems Sentinel Checkweigher System
Sparc Systems
Sentinel XL
The Sentinel XL is a highly accurate, fully integrated check-weighing system, specifically designed for food production environments.
Continuous Processing Systems
ALKAR's diverse range of components comprise the ideal Continuous Processing System tailored to your production needs. Delivering seamless, fully automated thermal processing for a variety of convenience food products, ALKAR’s systems ensure maximum food safety with precise temperature regulation. The ALKAR range seamlessly integrates with all leading stuffer/linker brands, offering a comprehensive solution for your food manufacturing requirements.
Colussi Ermes Product Box and Tote Bin Washers
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Product Box and Tote Bin Washers
The fully automatic and tailor-made product box and tote bin washers from Colussi Ermes provide high-pressure washing and sanitising for boxes, bins, and vats of various shapes and sizes.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Automation Systems
Automation Systems with high technological value, high efficiency levels, and low management costs to set the Colussi Ermes automation systems apart from the rest on the market. From crate openers and destacking systems to vision systems and robotic solutions, the manufacturer is equipped with over 50 years of expertise to develop a tailor-made solution, whatever your requirement.
Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing System - Utensil Washers
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Utensil Washers
Providing exceptional results in terms of hygiene, the Colussi Ermes Utensil Washers feature a particularly delicate yet effective washing system, to preserve the integrity of the utensils after frequent washing cycles.
Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing System - Rack Washing Systems
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Rack Washing Systems
Versatile and efficient automatic rack washing systems for washing and sanitising racks, cages, and floor-level or rail suspended frames. Facilitates powerful processing of capacities from a minimum of 20 up to 120 racks/hour.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Crate Washing Systems
Automatic and highly versatile crate washing and sanitising systems for collapsible, rigid, and stackable crates and baskets, developed to increase efficiency and maximise productivity, whilst removing even the most stubborn residue.
Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing System - Utensil Washers
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Knives, Blades and Utensil Washers
Fully automated, high pressure washing and sanitizing units for knives, blades, utensils, and knife-holder racks, designed to eliminate even the most aggressive bacteria to pharmaceutical hygiene standards.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Spin Drying Systems
The new generation Spin Drying Systems from Colussi Ermes are set apart from the rest thanks to large-capacity processing of up to 6400 crates/hour and the ability to handle crates of various types and sizes.
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Specialist Advanced Systems
Block-mould washers, cheese washers, chocolate mould washers, dairy rack washers, egg tray washers, ham mould washers, IBC tank washers and industrial mixing bowl washers.
Colussi Ermes s.r.l. - Advanced Washing System - Pallet Shelf Washing Systems
Colussi Ermes Logo Colussi Ermes - Advanced Washing Systems
Pallet Washing Systems
Fully automated, high pressure washing systems for pallets and shelves. Designed to obtain maximum energy efficiency, and reduce water and detergent consumption, whilst removing even the most stubborn residue.
Hiperbaric H525 In-Bulk