Steriflow Rotary (Cascading Water)

Triangular structured drum supports heaving packaging such as cans and jars.


Baskets rotate under heavy water streaming.


Suitable for any type of packaging, including cans, jars, pouches, and trays.


Maximum capacity: 6 baskets.


Rotary Steriflow

The Rotary Steriflow is the perfect method of sterilizing food products that are recommended to be ‘stirred’. It has a powerful pump that shortens cycles which in turn become more homogeneous. All products inside the device are treated/sterilized the same, no matter which position they are in, ensuring a consistent result each time. The stainless-steel drum enables a product rotation for products that require to be ‘stirred’ for sterilization. The drum space also makes it possible for water streaming. This device is particularly resilient due to its mechanical design as the triangulated structure drum provides even more reliability.
All products inside are treated the same
Powerful pump to shorten cycle times
Maximum capacity of 6 baskets
Water streaming process


© Steriflow.



Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“With all of the benefits of the Steriflow static technologies, the Rotary Steriflow is ideal for products that need to be stirred during processing. The rotary retort has been used successfully in the production of food in cans, jars, pouches, and trays since it was patented over 30 years ago. The robust, triangularly-constructed rotary retort has been specifically studied and designed to meet the needs of our customers regardless of the type of packaging used. Contact us for more information.”


Rotary Steriflow

There are many benefits to the rotation production, the system avoids browning to the edge of packaging, it can also mix water in rice pouches to ensure there is no sticking. The Rotary Steriflow is made for maximum efficiency and for extensive use with any type of packaging. The strength and resilience of this device is proven through its 30 years of successful use since the first patent.

The strength is proven in the machines ability to support heavy packaging such as cans and jars. With this device, there is an assurance that nothing will be broken and there will be no production halts due to manufacturing issues. The baskets, up to 6, rotate under a heavy water streaming. This method is for improving heat transfer into the packaging and reducing processing times and energy costs at the same time.


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