Staedler Automation AG

Staedler Automation, with headquarters in Switzerland, develops custom-made industrial solutions for process automation, control systems, robotics, and food technology. The Marinox by Staedler technology offers a range of innovative industrial cooking and cooling equipment, including cooking lines, continuous cooling lines, continuous Spaetzle machines and transport systems. The result: intelligent solutions for Ready Meal Components, Pasta, Spaetzli, Potatoes, Vegetables, Cereals, Sausages, Meatballs, etc.

CK800 Continuous Cooker
The CK800 Continuous Cooker provides an efficient and space-saving solution for automatic continuous cooking with water. Typical applications including ready meal components, pasta, vegetables, and meat products i.e. sausages.
CK1500 Continuous Cooker
The CK1500 Continuous Cooker from Marinox is a highly flexible and versatile continuous cooking solution, offering gentle processing and high hourly output for applications including ready meal components, vegetables, dumplings, soup ingredients, meatballs, filled pasta, and dry pasta.
Drum Cooker
DK950 Drum Cooker
The Marinox DK950 Drum Cooker is designed for automatic, continuous cooking of pourable food such as ready meal components, pasta, rice, quinoa, vegetables, sausages, prawns, or cereals.

The Marinox brand stands for continuous cooking in the food industry and has been a brand of Staedler Automation since March 2020. Marinox’s experience in the development of industrial cooking and cooling systems as well as the necessary conveyor technology is combined with its extensive know-how in industrial automation.



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