Henneken have developed a comprehensive range of high-quality injectors, brine mixers, lacerators & loading systems, in addition to an extensive range of vacuum tumblers. Henneken are able to offer tailor-made solutions as well as modular individual systems for the processing of meat, poultry, and fish. – ‘A Turn Key Solution For Your Entire Marination Requirements’.


Henneken HT520 Steaker
HT520 Steaker
The HT520 Steaker is Henneken’s lacerating system for maximising protein extraction and increasing product tenderness.
Henneken HPI 650 Injector
HPI Injectors
The HPI Injector range from Henneken can be used for bone-in and boneless primals and is suitable for pork, bacon, beef, lamb, chicken, and fish applications.
Henneken Tumbler Type CVM
Tumbler Type CVM
The Tumbler Type CVM is the flexible solution for tumbling and marinating to mixing and blending.
Henneken Tumbler Type B
Tumbler Type B
Gentle on natural products, whilst ensuring a deep massage for single primals, the Henneken B Series Tumbler provides intensive and homogenous processing for the majority of applications.
Henneken Tumbler Type R
Tumbler Type R
The Tumbler Type R is a high-capacity tumbler with fin variations to suit your specific requirements.
Henneken HVM 1000-2000 Brine Mixer
HVM Brine Mixers
Henneken’s HVM Brine Mixers utilise a venturi mixing system and offer an efficient and optimized solution for the preparation of liquid and powdered brines, marinades, and sauces for added-value meat, poultry, fish, dairy, vegetarian, and convenience foods.



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