Stuffing and Filling

Interfood Technology equipment partner Pujolàs manufacture high performance packing lines for natural products, replacing a manual operation with a more efficient solution offering minimal handling and greater consistency. Pujolas offer a best-in-class solution for whole muscle stuffing with rind on, fat on or lean muscle. 


Pujolàs LAPEG 1000/15
LAPEG 1000/15
The LAPEG 1000/15 is the all-in-one solution for packing, casing, and clipping natural muscle products oriented towards the deli sector.
Pujolàs ECA - Automatic Stuffing Machine
ECA 900
The ECA 900 is designed with a system that works for single portions.
Pujolàs New LAPEG Hybrid
LAPEG Hybrid
The LAPEG Hybrid is exclusively designed to stuff premium muscles with high performance and flexibility.

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