Foodlogistik is an established German manufacturer delivering the most comprehensive range of dicers and shredders available today. Utilising large chamber designs that are unrivalled in the market, and powerful hydraulic drives with fixed or driven grid options, Foodlogistik equipment delivers the very best cube and strip portion with clean, square, sinew-free edges time and again.

Food Logistik ShreddR 90+170
ShreddR 140
The ShreddR 140 is known to be the specialist device for continuous cutting of vegetables and fruits in cubes, strips and slices.
Food Logistik CrozzdicR
The CrozzdicR is a fully automatic dicer that uses a controlled guillotine cross knife to reduce cost and production time.
CrozzdicR Cheese Line
CrozzdicR Cheeseline
The CrozzdicR Cheeseline is your first choice for fully automatic loading, processing and calibrated cheese production including grated, diced and fine powdered products.

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