Manufacturers of high-performance packing lines for natural products, the range of adaptable solutions from Pujolàs allows customers to move from what has traditionally been a manual operation, to a much more efficient process with minimal handling and more consistency prior to slicing.

The full range from Pujolàs consists of solutions for a range of applications full flexibility can be achieved by the latest Lapeg Hybrid System offering large volume production of one size whilst allowing quick change over to smaller or larger moulds for smaller runs.

Pujolàs ECA - Automatic Stuffing Machine
ECA 900
The ECA 900 is designed with a system that works for single portions.
Pujolàs LAPEG 1000/15
LAPEG 1000/15
The LAPEG 1000/15 is the all-in-one solution for packing, casing, and clipping natural muscle products oriented towards the deli sector.
Pujolàs New LAPEG Hybrid
LAPEG Hybrid
The LAPEG Hybrid is exclusively designed to stuff premium muscles with high performance and flexibility.

Pujolàs VIDEOS

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