Pujolàs LAPEG 1000/15

Automatic tensioning and clipping with Poly-clip clipping head


User-friendly operation and ergonomic design


User-friendly SIEMENS control-panel


Automatic loading for product positioning


LAPEG 1000/15

The LAPEG 1000/15 automatic stuffing machine from Pujolàs is the all-in-one system for pressing, stuffing, stretching, and clipping. The high-performance system has been developed for automatic packing of single or multiple primals into casings, prior to cooking or drying. The system employs a carousel of moulds to allow for faster placement of muscles prior to filling. Separate whole muscles are hand-placed into the mould and automatically fed into the machine. The pack is then automatically tensioned to remove air & clipped before being ejected via conveyor to a cooking rack or buffer. The LAPEG 1000/15 is ideal for packing natural muscle products oriented towards the deli sector.
Stuffing diameter: Ø 70 to Ø 220 (larger calibres possible)
Mould length: 1 metre (adaptable to your requirements)
Suitable with fibrous, net or collagen film and net casings
1 metre mould length (adaptable to your requirements)
Poly-clip clipping head





James Radcliffe of Interfood Technology
James Radcliffe
Divisional Manager – Curing to Clipping
“Pujolàs manufacture high performance packing lines for natural products, allowing customers to move from what has traditionally been a manual operation, to a much more efficient process with minimal handling and more consistency. Pujolas offer the best solution for orientating your whole muscle stuffing, for use with rind-on, fat-on, or trimmed muscle. Contact us for more information.”


Pujolàs LAPEG 1000/15 Automatic Stuffing Machine

The automatic loader securely places the product into the mould so that once it reaches the stuffing machine, it has not moved or altered from its original shape and positioning. The stuffing machine then packs the product into the required shape into net, plastic, or fibrous casing.

The machine uses an automatic system of tension and clipping, and it is easily adjusted. The machine is made entirely of stainless-steel, giving it a robust, reliable, and hygienic design that is easily maintained and cleaned. The Siemens screen makes the device easily accessible for its operators and can also be programmed maximising efficiency during production time.

Optional accessories:

  • Various calibre moulds available for your requirements.
  • Collagen film module: the automated system for the application of rolled collagen film together with a net.
  • Tooling trolley: Tool sets can be stored safely for protection against damage during cleaning.
  • Automatic self-cleaning system.
  • Net dispenser: Innovative system to drag the net onto the pipes.
  • Looping module: to hang up sausages for smoking or curing.


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Pujolàs LAPEG 1000/15
LAPEG 1000/15
The LAPEG 1000/15 is the all-in-one solution for packing, casing, and clipping natural muscle products oriented towards the deli sector.
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