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Founded in 2014, Celsius Food AB produces the new generation of flexible oven systems. Offering several thermal options for frying, cooking and cooling, these machines are efficient, modular and scalable. Combining different techniques, Celsius Food ovens and fryers are designed to achieve uniform cooking and cooling results, ensuring maximum performance each time. Celsius Food utilise PTFE Teflon conveyors and direct conduction heat for their unique thermal systems.

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CelsiusFOOD ConUno Base Cooker
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ConUno Base Cooker
The ConUno Base Cooker uses a unique heating technology for challenging products that may be sticky, liquid, viscous or marinated.
CelsiusFood ConVec Convection Oven
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ConVec Convection Oven
The ConVec Convection Oven is ideal for broiling, browning or baking products in forms. The convection oven adds colours to ready-meals and steam-cooked products before packaging.
CelsiusFOOD ConduVec Combi Oven
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ConduVec Combi Oven
The ConduVec Combi Oven combines conduction with convection and non-stick conveyors and is ideal for ground meat, bone-in and irregular shaped products.
CelsiusFOOD ConDuo Twin Belts Grill
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ConDuo Twin Belt Grill
The ConDuo Twin Belt Grill is an extremely efficient and productive device as it is equipped with a twin belt grill.


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