Salva stands as the premier manufacturer of professional solutions for bakers, representing unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, energy efficiency, and innovation.

Since 1943, Salva has partnered with bakeries worldwide, delivering ovens that consistently ensure exceptional baking results. Beyond ovens, Salva offers a comprehensive bakery solutions portfolio, serving as a one-stop-shop for all processing needs – from proofing chambers and blast chillers to dough mixers, sheeters, and more.

Tested rigorously to meet the most demanding market standards, Salva ovens are proven to be first for reliability. In the last 20 years, 80% of Salva ovens sold are still in operation, a testament to their quality, performance, and robustness.

Choose Salva for a baking experience defined by reliability, quality, and cutting-edge innovation.


Bread Moulder
Engineered with precision to optimise bakery operations, the Salva Bread Moulder is designed to ensure maximum bread production efficiency. Utilising a series of rollers and guide shoes, it employs progressive moulding systems to precisely shape diverse types of loaves.
Solaris Deck Oven
The Salva Solaris Deck Oven is an advanced electric deck oven with innovative baking technology, offering exceptional quality and energy efficiency. It ensures consistent baking results, minimising energy consumption while providing bakers with a high-performance solution for bread with a crispy crust and a soft, airy crumb.
Modular Deck Oven
The Modular Electric Deck Oven is designed to deliver unparalleled baking excellence and maximum flexibility for bakers. Renowned for its efficiency, precision, and adaptability, it sets a new standard in the industry for performance and versatility. The modular ovens feature static baking using electric ceramic resistances, resulting in unmatched product appearance.
Elecsol Deck Oven
The Elecsol Deck Oven by Salva is a premium choice tailored for artisan bakers seeking consistent and superior baking results. Featuring innovative technology, it combines the essence of traditional ovens with modern ease of use and maintenance.
Electric Boutique Oven
The Salva Electric Boutique Oven combines the best features of Salva's renowned convection and electric deck ovens, presenting an innovative proofing and baking solution within a compact footprint of less than 1 m2. The Electric Boutique Oven offers unmatched versatility for fresh and pre-cooked products in bakery, confectionery, and pizzeria settings.
FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys
The Salva FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys is a versatile solution designed for both direct and retarded proofing with tray trolleys, ideal for bakeries requiring high production capacities. With the capability to accommodate up to 12 trolleys, this chamber offers versatility and ease of installation.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trays
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trays, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate all types of dough. Convenient and versatile, the Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trolley Racks
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trolley racks, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate various dough types. Designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries, the Iverpan enables the customisation of multiple fermentation programs to suit each bakery's unique requirements.
AF Direct Proofing Cabinet
The Salva AF Direct Proofing Cabinet for tray racks provides enhanced efficiency and precision for direct proofing. Featuring the Salva CRF2 Convector, engineered for rapid and efficient heat and humidity distribution within the chamber, it ensures optimal conditions for dough fermentation.
AR-22 Direct Proofing Cabinet for Trays
The Salva AR-22 Direct Proofing Cabinet allows direct proofing for a variety of doughs on trays. With its independent control over steam and dry heat generation, the AR-22 features a robust power system that ensures optimal steam conditions and temperatures, allowing for precise proofing control and superior dough quality.
Tray Chiller
The Salva Tray Chiller rapidly cools food products while preserving their organoleptic properties and quality. This versatile chiller offers two types of operation: chilling and deep-freezing. Its core function is to reduce the temperature of freshly prepared foods to between 65°C and 10°C to minimize the growth of bacteria.
Ultra Arctic Blast Chiller for Trolleys
The Salva Ultra Arctic Blast Chiller for Trolleys offers a comprehensive solution for high-capacity blast chilling and blast freezing in a single unit, ensuring prolonged shelf life and optimal product quality for products including raw doughs and freshly baked goods. It effectively preserves food quality by minimising chilling time.
CFN Negative Cold Chamber
The Salva CFN is an advanced negative cold chamber engineered to preserve product quality at temperatures ranging from -25ºC to -15ºC. Designed for small and medium-sized bakery and pastry shops, this refrigerated storage chamber ensures optimal conditions for preserving perishable goods.
CFP Positive Cold Chamber
The Salva CFP is a positive cold chamber designed to enhance food preservation, adapt to storage needs, and save energy for small and medium-sized bakery and pastry shops. It maintains temperatures from 0ºC to +10ºC, ideal for storing delicate pastries and perishable ingredients.
Automatic Lines
Salva's Automatic lines for high production capacities combine bread moulding and tray or board loading, without the need for manual handling. Automated processes guarantee superior product quality while enabling semi-industrial bakers to achieve significant production levels with a moderate investment.
Dough Sheeters
The Salva Dough Sheeters are designed to enhance efficiency in pastry and dough preparation. Built for precision, our Dough Sheeters are equipped with two side pieces with motorised belts and a height-adjustable set of rollers. Designed with durability and user comfort in mind, they ensure prolonged use with ease and convenience.
Kwik-Co ProWash Self Clean Convection Oven
The Salva Kwik-Co ProWash Self Clean Oven is designed to streamline and standardise the cleaning process for the Kwik-Co 'bake-off' oven range. Equipped with a recirculating water system, this environmentally conscious oven minimises water and electricity usage while eliminating the need for manual cleaning after a days work.
Intermediate Proofers
Salva's Intermediate Proofers provide an optimal proofing environment for a variety of doughs. Designed to proof the dough post-dividing, they enable it to rest and mature before further processing with minimal movement/disruption, ensuring outstanding final products.
Dough Dividers
Salva offers an extensive range of Dough Dividers designed to precisely and gently divide various dough types, facilitating streamlined operations for bakeries of all sizes. Additionally, our dividers are designed for efficiency and low maintenance, featuring high-efficiency reducers to minimise energy consumption and requiring minimal upkeep. Built for versatility, our dough dividers accommodate various hydration levels to meet diverse bakery needs.
Dough Mixers
The Salva Dough Mixers are meticulously designed to produce consistently uniform dough, perfectly tailored to your unique product requirements. Offering both Spiral Dough Mixers and Twin Arm Mixers, Salva’s machines are engineered with precision. These mixers supply the necessary energy to achieve a seamless mix of water, flour, and other ingredients.
Bakery and Cake-Making Accessories
Salva offers a selection of Bakery and Cake-Making Accessories designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in bakery operations. These accessories are thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse requirements of bakeries, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows while elevating performance. With Salva's extensive range of accessories, bakeries can not only refine their craftsmanship but also streamline their processes, ensuring consistently high-quality baked goods with ease.
Bread Slicer
The Salva Bread Slicer is designed for cutting loaves into slices. Available in various machine configurations tailored to different customer needs and bread types (round, elongated, hard crust, soft). With robust and dependable mechanics, the Bread Slicer incorporates numerous safety, design, ergonomic, and performance innovations. Options include both table-mounted and free-standing models.
Tubular Spiral Dough Rounder
The Salva Tubular Spiral Dough Rounder, ideal for various dough types, is an essential asset for bakeries, pastry or cake making businesses, enabling seamless division and rounding of dough in a single work cycle. Our range includes three types of dough ball machines: tubes, bands, and dividers.
Planetary Mixer
The Salva planetary mixer is well-suited for food production, particularly for bakery and pastry applications. These mixers are indispensable in various baking, cake-making, and cooking operations. Our industrial planetary mixers are designed for outstanding performance and lasting reliability.
Water Dosing System
Salva's Water Dosing System delivers accurate water quantities for specific baking requirements. Their exceptional precision enables accurate control over the moisture percentage added to the dough. With both manual and automatic modes, they offer flexibility to suit the baker's preferred workflow.
Sirocco Rotary Oven
The Sirocco Rotary Oven is a robust and reliable rotary oven for large-scale bakery and pastry production. The oven's slow rotational speed and precise airflow create the perfect environment for delicate baking, ensuring consistent results every time. Featuring a suction turbine and high-quality steam production, the oven provides cooking efficiency enhanced by high-density insulation, maximising heat energy utilisation for uniform and efficient baking.
Bakery Water Chiller
The Salva Bakery Water Chiller is designed to reduce and maintain water temperature, keeping it consistent throughout the tank for optimal dough production. With a stainless steel exterior and equipped with an insulated tank, compressor, coil, and agitator, this chiller ensures quick and effective temperature reduction, thus ensuring total control of the dough preparation process.
Labe Trans Convection Oven
The Salva Labe Trans Electric Convection Bake Off Oven is a dependable and efficient choice for baking on trays, ideal for in-store preparation of bread and pastries. Labe Trans achieves exceptional cooking quality with its dual turbines and the high quality moisture system (direct humidity), ensuring perfectly cooked products with an appealing appearance.
SALVA-Convection-Ovens-METRO-2 1
Metro Convection Oven
The Salva Metro Convection Oven is a highly efficient convection oven for fixed tray trolleys, renowned for its exceptional baking quality, reliability, energy efficiency, and modern design. Equipped with advanced fan technology, the Metro Oven delivers uniform cooking results, making it perfect for various bakery products from bread to pastries, ensuring consistent quality for bakeries, retailers, and cafés alike.
SALVA - Convection-Ovens-EOLO - 1
Eolo Convection Oven
Compact yet powerful, the Salva Eolo Convection Oven is a highly efficient electric convection oven measuring just 78cm in width, offering exceptional baking quality and impressive production capacity. Based on the Salva ventilated oven technology with more than 60 years of experience, the versatile Eolo ensures uniform baking for a wide range of products, from breads to pastries.
Kwik-Co Convection Oven
The Salva Kwik-Co Convection Oven is a highly efficient Bake Off oven for fixed trays, offering reliability, energy efficiency, and modern aesthetics. Powered by innovative fan technology, it guarantees uniform cooking results, making it suitable for a variety of bakery products, from bread to pastries.

Why Salva?

When you choose a Salva oven, you rely on a trusted companion that becomes part of your life. For Salva, efficiency is much more than a brand identity.

Technology you can rely on

No ovens last longer than Salva's. Of all Salva ovens sold in the last 20 years, 80% are still in operation. Thanks to stringent testing, ovens are taken to the limit to meet the most demanding requirements on the market.

Quality guaranteed

Highest quality materials to respond to market demands - that’s Salva excellence.

Innovative design

Salva ovens go beyond aesthetics, providing the perfect balance of safety, durability, productivity, ease of use, and simplicity.

Committed to the environment

As part of their commitment to improve the energy efficiency of their offerings, Salva apply technological innovations in the energy field.


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