Interfood Technology places safety and performance at the forefront of butchery equipment solutions. We offer an impressive range of automatic and semi-automatic bandsaws, skinners, derinders, splitters, strip-cutters and scorers from Weber, Astech and Scott Automation.


Scott Automation
BladeStop Bandsaw
The award-winning BladeStop bandsaw is uniquely designed to reduce the risk of serious injury by stopping the blade in milliseconds when the unit senses that the operator has come into contact.
Weber ASD 460
ASD 460
The Weber Skinner ASD 460 is a fully automatic machine that removes the fat layers from loins and cutlets in predefined strengths.
Automatic Bandsaw Compact
Astech Food Machinery Logo
Automatic Bandsaw SRA Compact
The Automatic Bandsaw SRA Compact contains all the features of an automatic bandsaw machine with reduced dimensions and a compact size.
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Automatic Bandsaw SRA 3.0
The next generation SRA 3.0 is an automatic saw for cutting both fresh and frozen bone-in or boneless product.
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Continuous Cutting Machine CC-5
The CC-5 Continuous Cutting Machine was specifically developed to apply four (centred or non-centred) longitudinal cuts to a product.
Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2
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Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2
The Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2 is ideal for longitudinal cutting of products. The machine makes a longitudinal cut, centred or uncentred, along a chosen product.
Astech PW-SAW - Precision Weight Automatic Bandsaw
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Precision Weight Automatic Bandsaw PW-Saw
The Precision Weight Automatic Bandsaw is designed to achieve precisely weighed slices in accordance with your chosen weight and thickness dimensions.

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