Automatic Bandsaw Compact

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Automatic Bandsaw SRA Compact

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The new Automatic Bandsaw SRA Compact contains all the features of an automatic bandsaw machine with reduced dimensions and a compact size. Ideal for cutting both fresh and frozen bone-in or boneless product, this compact machine contains a flexible programme which is able to set up different variables and able to store up to 50 cutting recipes.
Reduced dimensions, compact design
Enclosed device – completely safe
Hygienic design
Accurate and efficient
Maximum operator safety






Richard Nethercot of Interfood Technology
Richard Nethercot
Group Divisional Manager
“The new compact SRA offers the performance often associated with much larger machines, with impressive statistics regarding production per operator. With continuous operation, there is no need to stop the saw to load the product, providing significant efficiencies and higher throughput, while its hygienic design enables easy cleaning. Contact us for more information.”


Astech Automatic Bandsaw SRA Compact

This compact design is ideal for any workspace as it offers the same features as a normal design but with much smaller dimensions. The compact size requires very little space but works proficiently and effectively. With a perfectly adjustable cutting speed, the device ensures high-quality cuts every time. The flexible programme can set up different variables and is able to store up to 50 cutting recipes, ideal for those that require a variety of products/cuts. The control panel, touch-screen also makes this machine easy to operate and user friendly.

Astech places the operator’s safety at the top of their priority list and therefore have fully enclosed this device. The safety of this design is to ensure that all health and safety standards are met to the highest degree. The machine is made from materials that meet all food-safety standards and also allow for a simplified sanitation process.


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