Interfood Technology offers an extensive range of preparation equipment from Alco, K+G Wetter Gmbh, Foodlogistik and Source Technology. Talk to us about world-class grinding, bowl-cutting, dicing, shredding, mixing, dusting, battering, breading, coating, emulsifying, mixing and forming solutions that deliver the highest levels of texture, taste and quality. 


GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GT Roller Steaker
Günther Maschinenbau
GTR Roller Steaker
The Günther GTR Roller Steaker/ Lacerator is used for opening up the meat surface for increased protein extraction.
GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GT Needle Steaker
Günther Maschinenbau
GTK Needle Steaker
The Günther GTK Needle Steaker can be used in isolation or in-line with an injector to increase meat tenderness and absorption of ingredients.
GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPS Tumbler
Günther Maschinenbau
GPS Tumbler
The Günther GPS tilting tumblers are used for large volume industrial applications.
GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPM Tumbler
Günther Maschinenbau
GPM Tumbler
The Günther GPM Tumblers are ideal for mixing salads, marinating, or tumbling.
GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPA Tumbler
Günther Maschinenbau
GPA Tumbler
Ideal for tumbling, mixing, or marinating, the Günther GPA tumbler is stable, energy efficient, and low maintenance.
KG Wetter VCM Bowl Cutter
Vacuum Cutmix Bowl Cutters
The new K+G Wetter GmbH Vacuum Cutmix Bowl Cutters provide maximum operational reliability due to unrivalled high standard of hygiene.
KG Wetter Mixer Grinder MW U200
Mixer Grinder MW U200
The K+G Wetter GmbH Mixer Grinder is the first of its kind as it grinds and mixes with no losses.
K+G Wetter Mixer Automatic Grinder MAW G 160/ U 200
Mixer Automatic Grinder MAW G 160/ U 200
The K+G Wetter GmbH Mixer Automatic Grinder works completely independently allowing for flexible mixing and the perfect result.
K+G Wetter Angle Grinder
Mixer Angle Grinder
The K+G Wetter GmbH Mixer Angle Grinder offers flexibility, efficiency and practicality.
K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters CM
Cutmix Bowl Cutters
The K+G Wetter GmbH Cutmix Bowl Cutters are robust, capable tools with a stable base and innovative software to ensure easy operability.
K+G Wetter Automatic Grinder
Automatic Grinder AWK 280
The K+G Wetter GmbH Automatic Grinder works completely independently. The meat worm and feeder work cohesively to ensure a high-quality meat grinding process.
K+G Wetter Angle Grinder
Angle Grinder
The K+G Wetter GmbH Angle Grinder is the world’s only grinder with easy access for simple and efficient work.
Source Technology FlexiCut at angle
Source Technology
The FlexiCut cuts hot product directly from the PowerHeater™, ideal for strips, chunks and cubes.
Source Technology Power Heater PH100-3
Source Technology
Meet the demand for plant-based food and meat processing with one flexible solution.
Henneken Tumbler Type CVM
Tumbler Type CVM
The Tumbler Type CVM is the flexible solution for tumbling and marinating to mixing and blending.
Henneken Tumbler Type B
Tumbler Type B
Gentle on natural products, whilst ensuring a deep massage for single primals, the Henneken B Series Tumbler provides intensive and homogenous processing for the majority of applications.
Henneken Tumbler Type R
Tumbler Type R
The Tumbler Type R is a high-capacity tumbler with fin variations to suit your specific requirements.
Henneken HT520 Steaker
HT520 Steaker
The HT520 Steaker is Henneken’s lacerating system for maximising protein extraction and increasing product tenderness.
Continuous Radio Frequency Tempering Unit TRF
The Continuous Radio Frequency Tempering Unit TRF from SAIREM is optimised for processing fish blocks.
SAIREM Continuous MW Unit
Continuous Microwave Tempering Unit TMW
The Continuous Microwave Tempering Unit TMW from SAIREM offer allow rapid tempering of food products with treatment times of less than 10 minutes.
Batch Microwave Tempering Unit AMW
The Batch Microwave Tempering Unit AMW from SAIREM offer allow rapid tempering of frozen food products with treatment times of less than 10 minutes.
Food Logistik ShreddR 90+170
ShreddR 140
The ShreddR 140 is known to be the specialist device for continuous cutting of vegetables and fruits in cubes, strips and slices.
CrozzdicR Cheese Line
CrozzdicR Cheeseline
The CrozzdicR Cheeseline is your first choice for fully automatic loading, processing and calibrated cheese production including grated, diced and fine powdered products.
Food Logistik CrozzdicR
The CrozzdicR is a fully automatic dicer that uses a controlled guillotine cross knife to reduce cost and production time.
Alco The Preduster ABM
Preduster ABM
The JBT alco Preduster ABM gives a thorough and even coating for floured meat and fish products, predusted convenience food, seafood, pastries, and sweets.
Alco The Flattening Machine ASP
Flattening Machine ASP
The JBT alco Flattening Machine ASP provides precise and consistent flattening to your individual product requirement.
Alco The Drum Breader ADB
Drum Breader ADB
The JBT alco Drum Breader ADB gently applies dried spices, herbs or flour to bone-in products, removing the challenge of coating irregular shaped products.
The Dipper ADT
Dipper ADT
The JBT alco Dipper ADT carefully and effectively coats a wide range of products with viscous, non-pumpable liquid batters, tempura and marinades.
Alco The Grinder AMG
Grinder AMG
The JBT alco Grinder AMG uses a dual spiral system to mince fresh or frozen meat, vegetables, fish, cheese and much more.
Alco The Breading Machine APT
Breading Machine APT
The JBT alco Breading Machine APT gives a perfect crisp coating to battered products and can be easily adjusted to suit a broad range of crumb types.
Alco The Forming Machine AFM
Forming Machine AFM
The JBT alco Forming Machine AFM allows you to shape your product to your precise specification using our customised forming plates.
Alco The Mixer AMP
Mixer AMP
The JBT alco Mixer AMP has been developed with all aspects of mixing in mind, providing you with the perfect mixing solution.
Alco The Cordon Bleu Slicer ACB
Cordon-Bleu Slicer ACB
The JBT alco Cordon-Bleu Slicer ACB allows slicing with ease and precision, suitable for meat and poultry products.
Alco The Battering Machine APN
Battering Machine APN
The JBT alco Battering Machine APN gives you a thorough, even coating of liquids with varying viscosity to all surfaces of your products.

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