Perhaps best known for its high-quality smoke and production systems, Maurer-Atmos is a leading global provider of thermal processing solutions for meat, fish and poultry products, and other associated production processes. Maurer-Atmos manufacture high-performance space-saving solutions for hot/cold smoking and cooking at their headquarters in Germany.


Maurer-Atmos AllroundSystem ASR
All-Round-System ASR
Known as the All-Round-System, the Maurer-Atmos ASR is the compact device, ideal for smoking and cooking products.
Maurer KCS Semi Continuous Batch Systems
Semi-Continuous Batch System KCS
The Maurer-Atmos KCS is a semi-continuous batch system with ‘inline’ production as the production process is performed ‘inline’ with the semi-continuous loading system.
Maurer ProfitLine PRR/PFR
ProfitLine PRR/PFR
The Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PRR/PFR is an industrial system for smoking and cooking. The systems are universal all-rounders due to the horizontal and vertical air circulation.
KLIMA Industrial Cold Smoking Systems
Climate Industrial Cold Smoking System
The Maurer-Atmos Climate Industrial Cold Smoking System allows products to dry without any variation due to control of relative humidity and temperature for inlet and outlet air.
Maurer-Atmos KK
Universal-Circulation System KK
The Maurer-Atmos KK is a universal system used for fast and controlled treatment of the cooking products in the most efficient time.

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