Maurer ProfitLine PRR/PFR

Horizontal and vertical air circulation ensures constant product quality.


Heat exchanger, central circulation fan, air alternating damper, fresh air/smoke supplies, and mixing chamber are incorporated with central air conditioning system.


Optimal use of fresh air energy and individual air circulation during drying significantly reduces process time and energy requirements.


Available internal smoke systems include smouldering, condensate, friction, and liquid.

ProfitLine PRR/PFR

The Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PRR/PFR systems are universal all-rounders for smoking and cooking. Due to the horizontal and vertical air circulation, consistent results are achieved regardless of whether products are placed horizontally on grates or suspended on smokesticks. This unique machine has an innovative air system that has a very high uniformity provided by the enormous air circulation speed. The machine also has all external and various internal smoke generation systems so you can choose which system is best for your desired product result. The PRR/PFR systems require minimum energy consumption, working at high output, with low consumption rates.
Horizontal and vertical air circulation
All external and various internal smoke generation systems
Hygienic design
Minimum energy consumption
PFR: The industrial system designed specifically for smoking fish
PRR: The universal all-rounder for smoking and cooking


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Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“With all of the advantages of the popular ASR system, the ProfitLine PRR/PFR from Maurer-Atmos is the larger capacity unit – providing high-capacity processing whilst maintaining low energy consumption. With consistent horizontal and vertical air circulation providing perfectly smoked and cooked products, the PRR/PFR is the ideal unit for higher output requirements. Contact us for more information.”


Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PRR/PFR

The ProfitLine PRR/PFR offers all external and various internal smoke generation systems, such as smouldering smoke, condensation smoke, friction smoke or liquid smoke so you can choose which system best suits your requirements. The air system uses two variable-speed fans within the program step, so the air is optimally adjustable to the corresponding product. The machine has a very high uniformity is provided by the enormous air circulation speed, even with two trolleys. It also has a fully insulated central air handling unit.

Due to the two fans, an extensive air circulation guarantees consistent product quality with minimum weight loss upon drying and smoking, despite maximum trolley loading. The individual air circulation and optimal use of fresh air energy during drying greatly reduces your process times and in turn, reduces energy requirements. The hygienic design includes segment construction that is completely weldable. The automatic interior cleaning also maintains hygiene, ensuring food safety.


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Maurer-Atmos AllroundSystem ASR
All-Round-System ASR
Known as the All-Round-System, the Maurer-Atmos ASR is the compact device, ideal for smoking and cooking products.
Maurer KCS Semi Continuous Batch Systems
Semi-Continuous Batch System KCS
The Maurer-Atmos KCS is a semi-continuous batch system with ‘inline’ production as the production process is performed ‘inline’ with the semi-continuous loading system.
Maurer ProfitLine PRR/PFR
ProfitLine PRR/PFR
The Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PRR/PFR is an industrial system for smoking and cooking. The systems are universal all-rounders due to the horizontal and vertical air circulation.
KLIMA Industrial Cold Smoking Systems
Climate Industrial Cold Smoking System
The Maurer-Atmos Climate Industrial Cold Smoking System allows products to dry without any variation due to control of relative humidity and temperature for inlet and outlet air.
Maurer-Atmos KK
Universal-Circulation System KK
The Maurer-Atmos KK is a universal system used for fast and controlled treatment of the cooking products in the most efficient time.

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