Optional belt washing and drying system


Touch control panel with recipe management


Large loading and unloading zone (90cm) for loading of international standard fish blocks


Continuous Radio Frequency Tempering Unit TRF

The Continuous Radio Frequency Tempering Unit TRF from SAIREM provides continuous tempering and is optimised for fish blocks. Radio frequency (RF) is generated by an RF generator. Energy moves from one electrode to the other inside the unit and passes through the treated material. RF energy penetrates deep into the material, heating products at a slower rate than microwave technology. This is ideal for delicate products and those with regular size and shape.
Designed to process heat-sensitive materials
Available with power from 30 to 100 kw
Tempering capacities from 1 t/h to 3 t/h


The TRF range of continuous radio frequency tempering units are available in 2 different configurations. Tempering capacities are variable and depend on the final required temperature, product type, product shape and level of fat.






Sam Crooks
Technical Sales Manager
“SAIREM’s microwave and radio-frequency equipment is optimised to the specific requirements of a given application, offering high thermal efficiency and shorter processing times to ensure better preservation of the organoleptic properties. Typically, payback can be of the order of several months, subject to existing drip losses which are sometimes overlooked. Contact us for more information.”


Continuous Radio Frequency Tempering Units TRF

Microwave and radio-frequency technologies are perfectly suited to improving thermal processing in the food industry. Heat generation is almost instantaneous and allows for a perfectly controlled process, thanks to rapid, uniform heating. Almost all of the energy is transferred to the treated product, drastically minimising energy losses.

For over 40 years, SAIREM’s dedicated research and development team have been developing optimum microwave and radio-frequency solutions for customers specific defrosting and tempering requirements.

SAIREM’s tempering by microwave and radio-frequency technologies offer many advantages compared to traditional processes.

Traditional tempering methods may take hours or even days to temper products. Microwave tempering takes up to 10 minutes. Radio-frequency (RF) can take up to 30 - 40 minutes and is suited to very sensitive products, e.g. fish.
The speed and uniformity offered by microwave and radio frequency processes eliminates product drip losses and degradation, preventing weight loss (drip loss may be up to 10%) thereby significantly improving raw material yield. Payback on investment can be as short as 6 to 12 months.
The potential for the growth of pathogenic bacteria as part of a conventional chilled tempering process, is eliminated due to the rapidity of microwave and radio-frequency tempering processes. In addition, SAIREM’s equipment is fully interlocked, and fitted with sensors to detect and prevent microwave/radio-frequency leakage.
Unlike some typical chilled tempering processes, SAIREM’s microwave and radio frequency tempering methods help preserve all organoleptic properties of your food products. Colour is improved, and weight, flavour, and nutritional attributes are maintained. Temperature homogeneity of +/- 1°C is achievable throughout a product.
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