Specialist Advanced Systems

With over 50 years of experience, research, and innovative development, Colussi Ermes has manufactured thousands of washing systems that produce the highest level of performance for processors throughout the world. For small to large scale operations, the Colussi Ermes ‘Tailor-made’ concept ensures a high-performance washing solution, designed, developed, and configured for the unique conditions of your production operation, facilitating factors including available floorspace, production capacities, the type of residue/soiling to be processed, power supply, and reduction of energy consumption.

Colussi-Ermes Stick Washers

Stick Washing Systems

The Colussi Ermes Stick Washers are specialist systems for washing sticks on racks, in a cabin or belts for tunnel washing. The advanced systems provide impeccable hygiene results, effectively removing even the most aggressive residue, whilst preserving the integrity of the sticks. Developed and manufactured for your specific requirements, the systems are capable of washing up to 7,000 sticks every hour, and are available with a range of options to further enhance performance.

Block-Mould Washing Systems

Automatic specialist systems for washing cheese block moulds. Depending on your technical-production requirements, the system is equipped with customised washing programs for treating block mould residue. The Colussi Ermes block-mould washing systems are set apart from others on the market due to sophisticated technology and the ability to preserve the integrity of the moulds following frequent treatment.

Colussi Ermes Dairy Block-Mould Washers
Colussi Ermes Ham Mould Washing System

Ham Mould Washers

Flexible and fully automatic washing systems for ham moulds, providing effective and thorough washing and drying for up to 600 moulds per hour. Tailor-made to your production requirements, the Colussi Ermes Ham Mould washers have been designed and certified to eliminate even the most aggressive bacteria, according to pharmaceutical hygiene standards. Moulds integrity is effectively preserved with immediate reuse after drying.

Chocolate Mould Washers

Designed to optimise production processes in the chocolate industry, the tailor-made chocolate mould washing systems from Colussi Ermes are the highly versatile solution for effective, accurate, and automatic washing and drying. With a particularly delicate technique, the integrity of the moulds are completely preserved, even after frequent processing, and are immediately ready for re-use in production.

Colussi Ermes Chocolate Mould Washing System
Colussi Ermes Egg Tray Washing Systems

Egg Tray Washers

The egg tray washers are fully automated washing and sanitising systems, tailor-made to your production requirements. Available in tunnel execution with 1 to 3 tracks, the washers are suitable for egg trays of all shapes and types, and with gentle yet powerful processing, eliminates even the most aggressive bacteria whilst preserving the integrity of the trays.

Cheese Washing Systems

The automatic and highly versatile cheese washing systems are designed for treating various types of cheese – grana padano, parmiggiano reggiano, gorgonzola, provolone, etc.) with washing capacities up to 450 cheeses/hour. Residue waste is removed from any cracks in the product, without altering the surface or trademark of the consortium. The Colussi Ermes systems ensure effective washing and sanitizing of the cheeses and the equipment, optimising production processes in full compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Dairy Rack Washers

Automatic systems for washing and sanitising wood, steel, or plastic dairy racks and dairy frames, at floor level or suspended from racks. The systems are specifically designed to optimise production processes and ensure low operating costs. Exceptionally effective, these systems produced by Colussi Ermes meet the highest hygiene and sanitary standards, according to rigid HACCP protocols.

Industrial Mixing Bowl Washers

Designed for the confectionery industry, the Colussi Ermes advanced industrial mixing bowl washing systems ensure perfect sanitisation according to the highest hygiene standards. The fully automated systems provide maximum hygiene for up to 20 industrial mixing bowls/hour and can be fully customised depending on your requirements.

Frame Washers

Configured for your exact requirements, the Colussi Ermes Frame Washing Systems have been designed specifically for the meat sector. The advanced washing system removes water residue from the surfaces of the frames, for immediate re-use in the production process.

The systems can process up to 30 frames per hour and are available with manual, or automatic loading and unloading, with a single door or double “pass-through” doors.

Cheese Mat and Small Basket Washers

The Colussi Ermes Cheese Mat and Small Basket Washers are extremely versatile and effective, ensuring exceptional hygiene results for the high standards of the dairy industry.

The systems ensure effective washing and perfect drying of cheese mats and small baskets, whilst preserving mat integrity – even after frequent washes. Available in cabin or tunnel version, depending on your requirements.

Bucket Washers

Fully automatic bucket washing systems, equipped with state-of the-art technology to obtain maximum hygiene levels. The high-pressure washing system is capable of eliminating even the most stubborn dirt and residue.

With an hourly washing capacity of up to 500 buckets, the systems are available in cabin version with a manual or sliding door, or in tunnel execution with 1-5 tracks.

Ham Washers

Automatic, highly-versatile washing systems for ham. Ideal for treating raw hams on catenary mechanisms, rack or frames, or suspended racks on rails.

The systems provide a highly-effective yet delicate washing and sanitising solution, removing waste without altering the surface and trademark of the consortium. Automated movement systems, including loading and unloading, using rails or AGV.

Conveyor Belt and Filter Washing Systems Colussi Ermes

Conveyor Belt and Filter Washers

Fully automatic conveyor belt and filter washing systems for the food industry, built with extremely high hygiene standards as required by pharmaceutical sectors.

Whether you are processing TPU, TPO, PVC, or Silicone belts, the Colussi Ermes conveyor belt and filter washing systems ensure superior hygiene with high pressure technology to remove even the most persistent residue and dirt. Systems are available for smaller operations to large-scale industrial operations, from compact washers to high-tech multi-phase systems processing up to 6 mt/minute.

Pan Washers

High-technology Pan Washing systems, designed specifically for the confectionery sector. For the effective washing and sanitising of pans, the systems are built to your exact requirements and are capable of processing up to 1,000 pans per hour.

Pans of various shapes and types are washed and dried for immediate re-use during production. The Colussi Ermes Pan Washers provide maximum hygiene and impeccable microbiological results, preserving the integrity of the pans throughout the process.

Waste Container Washers

Designed for communities and hospitals, the Colussi Ermes Wate Container Washers provide an efficient and automatic system, capable of treating up to 1,200 bins per hour.

The unique systems are designed to meet any requirement or production capacity, maintaining extremely high hygiene standards as required by the pharmaceutical/hospital sectors, constantly monitored by systems which are integrated and interface with HACCP.

IBC Tank Washers

Highly-efficient, automatic systems for washing and sanitising IBC tanks and isothermal boxes. The Colussi Ermes IBC tank washers removed even the most stubborn residue on plastic and steel tanks and containers of all different  shapes, heights, and sizes. The systems are capable of washing up 20 tanks and up to 80 isothermal containers per hour.

Innovative design, rounded shapes, accurate details, and high efficiency: the Colussi Ermes tailor-made concept addresses a variety of complex requirements and produces solutions that ensure optimum results.

The range of Colussi Ermes Specialist Advanced Systems are exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology. For more information on the Colussi Ermes range, contact our experts.


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Specialist Advanced Systems
Block-mould washers, cheese washers, chocolate mould washers, dairy rack washers, egg tray washers, ham mould washers, IBC tank washers and industrial mixing bowl washers.
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Automation Systems
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