Alco The Drum Breader ADB

Innovative coating material distribution 


User-friendly touch panel control


Optimised drum with variable speeds for various throughputs 


Clump filtering and blower air circulation system

Drum Breader ADB

JBT alco-food-machines
The challenge of coating irregular shaped products is easily conquered by the JBT alco Drum Breader ADB, as it gently applies dried spices, herbs, flour or crumb to bone-in or irregular shaped products such as chicken wings/drumsticks with its gentle rotational action. Suitable for a range of crumb size from fine to course.
Long life, robust, reliable, hygienic design
Maximum throughput capability
Simple to operate and regulate coating level
Full coating of irregular products


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Richard Nethercot of Interfood Technology
Richard Nethercot
Group Divisional Manager
“The JBT alco drum breader ADB provides optimum application of rusk and flour-based pre-dusts, crumbs etc to irregular shaped products from a well-designed, robust, and reliable machine with long service life. Contact us for more information.”


JBT alco Drum Breader ADB

With the Drum Breader ADB,  JBT alco has developed a superior breading-flour distribution and sprinkling system, ideal for hard-to-coat products. Its versatile design caters for a range of crumb size, from fine to coarse in continuous operation. Delicate and complex shaped food such as prawns can be fully covered with a combination of pre-coating and a gentle tumble action that preserves their shape and quality. An integrated clump sifting system ensures an even coat to all products. With a hygienic design for top product safety, the machine is also easy to operate and clean.

An optional lateral supply and refill funnel allows for ergonomic and automatic equipment filling, removing this manual task from the operator, ensuring time is maximised during the processing procedure. A suitable accessory may be the crumb feeder, which is responsible for automatically filling the drum reader with the coating material. An additional dust-free system collects up the resulting dust from the plant and transfers it into a separate system container, ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic option for the production room.


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