K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters CM

Raised bowl edge prevents overflowing, ensures maximum hygiene, and allows higher filling levels


Direct and precise temperature measurement in the cutting space: even with the smallest filling quantities


Intuitive touch panel operation and simple control


Robust grey cast iron machine stand absorbs vibrations, ensures stability, quiet running, and long service life

Cutmix Bowl Cutters

K+G Wetter GmbH
K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters provide maximum operational reliability and long service life due to their very heavy duty robust cast iron frame which is completely enclosed in stainless steel. Cast iron gives exceptionally low vibration and low noise operation.The K+G Wetter GmbH Cutmix Bowl Cutters allow the cutting space to be easily increased or decreased using a removable baffle plate. Available in 50, 70, 90, 120, 200, 360 and 550 litre capacities.
The only cast iron framed bowl cutter now manufactured in the world
No knife shaft deflection, extremely low vibration and noise, longer electrical and electronic component life
Mechanical labyrinth seal protection of knife shaft bearings
Raised bowl edge to allow filling capacity up to 95% subject to product
Removeable baffle plate to adjust cutting area size for different products
Thermocouple in cutting area for optimal processing / food safety


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Simon Jubb of Interfood Technology
Simon Jubb
Divisional Manager – Preparation
“K+G Wetter offers the only cast iron framed bowl cutters in the world, completely clad in stainless steel. The robust construction provides low vibration, reliability, and exceptionally long service life. The range comprises 33, 45, 50, 70, 90, 120 litre varieties, through to the heavy-duty industrial range of bowl cutters which are available in 200, 360 and 550 litre capacities. Contact us for more information.”


K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters

The K+G Wetter Cutmix Bowl Cutters are available in 50, 70, 90, 120, 200, 360 and 550 litre capacities. The raised bowl edge prevents product loss, ensuring maximum yield during production. The ability to easily change the size of the cutting space allows you to flexibly adjust the texture of your meat from coarse to fine, depending on your requirements.


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