Source Technology Power Heater PH100-3

Product consistency and food safety can be monitored via outlet temperature recording 


Indirect steam heating is automated and operates according to set parameters


Automatic process control includes sequence, temperature, and recipe management

Source Technology


Source Technology
The versatile PowerHeater™ provides a low-cost, continuous enclosed cooking solution with a unique processing method that can prepare high moisture meat analogue (HMMA) textured plant-based foods without the use of egg albumen, making it suitable for vegans. It can also be used to upgrade meat trim, putting fibre and texture back into lower grade meat cuts. The PowerHeater™ is available in one, three, five lane options: see below for further details.
Inherent flexibility for the production of texturised plant and meat based foods
Throughputs from 200kg/hour for 1 lane up to 1.2tonnes/hour for 5 lane
Low operational costs
Only requires 1-2 operators
Low carbon footprint


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Simon Jubb of Interfood Technology
Simon Jubb
Divisional Manager – Preparation
“The Source Technology PowerHeater™ is a new system from Denmark for either manufacturing high moisture meat analogues (HMMA) or for the upgrade of meat trim (adding fibrosity and texture back into lower grade meat cuts). Customers are typically producing the following products; high quality vegan & vegetarian meat analogue material; looks like meat with the texture of meat succulence of meat with the flavour of meat with the right seasoning, reformed texturised meat and flexitarian products etc. Product formats include 50 or 100mm wide strips of thickness 3, 8, 12, 16mm thickness which can be further processed with cutting into burgers, nuggets, cutlets etc. Contact us for more information.”


Source Technology PowerHeater™

The PowerHeater uses patented extrusion technology. It transfers thermal energy into a plant or meat based emulsion to coagulate the protein and any potential sources of carbohydrate to produce texturised products including vegan chicken strips and beef etc. 

It incorporates pressure and temperature controls and includes a by-pass valve which ensures any product not heated to a food safe temperature does not enter a high-care area. The PowerHeater is automatically flushed with high-pressure water flow as part of its general preparation for cleaning. 

The PowerHeater is available in three different configurations:

Available with different auger depths from 5mm to 16mm. 

Finally, the PowerHeater is complimented by the optional Flexicut.


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