Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2

Fully covered cutting area is inaccessible to operators during processing


Steel tubes and thick plate chassis minimises vibrations for a clean cut


Automatic lateral guiding of the products with a constant cutting speed

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Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2

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Astech Food Machinery have designed the Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2 for the longitudinal cutting of products. The machine makes a longitudinal cut, centred or uncentred, along a chosen product such as marrowbone, pig’s feet, beef legs, knuckles, blocks etc.
Automatic guiding of products
Constant cutting speed
Band saw cutting
Hygienic and robust design






Richard Nethercot of Interfood Technology
Richard Nethercot
Group Divisional Manager
“The Astech CC-2 is the high-performance solution for longitudinal cutting of meat products. Commonly used for splitting boiled hams, the CC-2 can be used for processing a wide range of products including whole poultry, pigs’ feet, beef legs, knuckles, and blocks. Contact us for more information.”


Astech Continuous Cutting Machine CC-2

Products are guided laterally through the path towards the bandsaw, which works at a constant cutting speed. This allows for a swift production time and a high-quality output. The chassis is manufactured with steel tubes and plates of high thickness that minimises the vibrations and helps obtain a clean cut. The cutting area is also fully covered to avoid any injury when operating, maintaining a high health and safety standard and ensuring the operator is completely safe at all times.


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