Intermediate Proofers


Salva’s Intermediate Proofers provide an optimal proofing environment for a variety of doughs. Designed to proof the dough post-dividing, they enable it to rest and mature before further processing with minimal movement/disruption, ensuring outstanding final products. Designed to adapt to any space, our range offers both static and dynamic intermediate proofers, tailored to diverse production requirements.

Dynamic Proofer

The Salva Imperial dynamic intermediate proofer presents an optimal and efficient solution for proofing a diverse array of dough types, especially those with high hydration levels. It is designed to guide the dough through multiple hopper changes during proofing, from the moment it enters the machine, through to its dispatch for moulding. The Dynamic intermediate proofer delivers comprehensive and consistent proofing, delicately managing highly hydrated dough without any sticking concerns.

Manual Proofer

The Salva Manual Proofer is a chamber designed for manual loading and unloading, providing the necessary resting time for dough after dividing. It gently ferments dough pieces, enhancing their flexibility for shaping, making it ideal for artisan bakers prioritising dough quality.

Constructed with a sturdy metal framework and reinforced with an oversized chain, the proofer ensures lasting durability and smooth, quiet operation. Its design allows for seamless integration with shaping and dividing equipment through electrical plugs. Additionally, it features a left/right manual control button, with the option for an ergonomic hands-free control for added convenience.

Intermediate Proofers

Gentle handling of the dough

The Intermediate Proofers prioritise gentle handling, minimising dough movement within the chambers.

Dough compatibility

They accommodate various dough types, regardless of hydration levels.

Chamber flexibility

Flexible input and output positions allow the chambers to adapt to diverse space configurations.


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Intermediate Proofers
Salva's Intermediate Proofers provide an optimal proofing environment for a variety of doughs. Designed to proof the dough post-dividing, they enable it to rest and mature before further processing with minimal movement/disruption, ensuring outstanding final products.
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