Sirocco Rotary Oven

The Sirocco Rotary Oven is a robust and reliable rotary oven for large-scale bakery and pastry production. The oven’s slow rotational speed and precise airflow create the perfect environment for delicate baking, ensuring consistent results every time. Featuring a suction turbine and high-quality steam production, the oven provides cooking efficiency enhanced by high-density insulation, maximising heat energy utilisation for uniform and efficient baking. Renowned for their durability, adaptability, and low maintenance requirements, Salva’s Rotary Ovens are equipped with an adjustable air distribution system, guaranteeing even cooking and superior baking performance.
Cooking Quality: Slow trolley rotation and low airflow ensure gentle, even baking. Octagonal chamber design maintains constant airflow.
High Yield: Special steam generator ensures perfect cooking for steam-intensive products.
Cooking Efficiency: Versatile and uniform cooking with high-density insulation for optimal heat usage.
STC Smart Touch Control: Offers the best control during baking, making it easier for bakers to achieve the best baking results.


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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“For reliable baking results, the Salva Sirocco Rotary Oven is a top choice for large bakery operations. What truly sets the Sirocco Oven apart is its efficiency. Thanks to its high-density insulation and adjustable air distribution system, heat energy is maximised, resulting in uniform and efficient baking. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent quality across batches. Plus, with the STC Smart Touch Control system, achieving perfect bakes is easier than ever. Contact us for more information.”


Sirocco Rotary Oven

Suction turbine

Strategically positioned turbine creates a floor effect, enhancing cooking performance.


Generates high quantity, high-quality steam, ensuring fast recovery and uniform distribution throughout the chamber.

Cooking chamber

Maintains low air speed and platform rotation for smooth and consistent cooking.

Electric batteries

Powered by batteries, facilitating the oven's operation.

Baking quality

Octagonal chamber design maintains temperature uniformity, ensuring consistent baking results.

Redesigned door

The thicker door insulation, reinforced opening shaft, and robust handle mark the personality of Salva, providing reliability and long life to the product. This design reduces the temperature drop in the cooking chamber by 25%.

Integrated temperature probe

Built into the air supply for rapid temperature recovery and reduced oven inertia.


Salva’s extraction system enables the oven to operate within enclosed spaces, effectively removing all cooking-generated particles. Measurements indicate solid particle presence levels of less than 0.24 mg/m3.

Equipped with its anchoring system for baking trolleys, the universal platform eliminates the need for bakers who already have their own baking trolleys to make additional investments to utilise the Sirocco oven.

Optionally, you can utilise a double ball platform specifically designed for Salva’s own trolleys to accommodate two trolleys in the SR and SP models.

Ideal for products requiring additional dry air within the cooking chamber.

Designed for users requiring a higher load capacity for the oven platform than the standard option.

SALVA Rotary Ovens
Salva's rotary ovens impress with durability, adaptability, and low maintenance needs, providing bakers with an optimal solution for a diverse range of delicate bakery products.
Baking Excellence
The outstanding baking performance of our rotary ovens ensures consistency even with the most delicate products, ensuring uniformity in the final result.
Versatility and Baking Efficiency
Our rotary ovens feature an adaptable air distribution system, allowing for the baking of any product, no matter how demanding, while maintaining efficiency.
Durable Construction
Each component of our rotary ovens is carefully chosen to enhance durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance, ensuring reliable performance over time.
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