CK800 Continuous Cooker

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The CK800 Continuous Cooker from Marinox provides a space-saving solution for automatic continuous cooking with water. The versatile system can process a wide variety of floating and non-floating products, with typical applications including ready meal components, pasta, vegetables, and meat products i.e. sausages. With separate heating and cooking water circuits, the CK800 ensures food safety with no heating elements occupying the cooking bath.
Water heating options: Electric or steam
Efficient: Sinking tub technology allows continuous processing with output up to 500kg/h
Compact: The most compact continuous cooker on the market
Hygienic design: Open design allows for quick and easy sanitation
User-friendly: Recipe adjustments can be made in seconds
Modular: Expandable with various modules such as cooling conveyor or conveyor technology


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Spaetzle machine


Cooker CK800


Cooler with town and/or ice water


Vibration conveyor for drainage incl. drip-oiling


Ascending conveyor to scale


Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“Already well-proven in central Europe, the CK800 is the most compact continuous cooker on the market. Combined with capacity to process up to 500kg/h, the CK800 is the next step from batch to inline production, offering processors a highly efficient, space-saving solution for cooking a variety of products. Contact us for more information.”


Marinox CK800 Continuous Cooker

Our CK800 cooker allows you to continuously cook open unpackaged food. The CK800 is available as a free-standing unit or to be integrated into an entire cooking line. Thanks to the user-friendly and modern operation of the unit, the cooking process is easy to monitor. Adaptations for different recipes are easy to apply with the CK800. Have the possibilities of batch production been exhausted? The unique price/performance ratio of the CK800 makes it possible to expand production even in the smallest of spaces with a clearly calculable investment.

Applications include: Spätzle / Spaetzle / Pasta / Filled pasta / Schupfnudeln / Vegetables / Dumplings / Soup ingredients / Meat balls / Other floating foods / Dry pasta, with additional equipment

CK800 Continuous Cooker
Hourly capacity Approx. 400 – 500kg Spaetzle, with 2 – 3 minutes cooking time
Inner bath width 800mm
Cooking time Variable from 1 to 15 minutes
Heating type Electrical or steam


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