Steriflow Steriliser

Simplified maintenance and reduced costs.


Rotary microflow speed is variable – 0.5 to 20 rpm.


Rotating microflow rotates products under heavy runoff during heat treatment – improving heat transfer and reducing cycle times.


The Dali microflow provides ‘back and forth’ agitation at low frequency, allowing for the prevention of skin formation and browning.


Microflow Steriliser

This is a tailor-made sterilising solution. The microflow units are equipped with the same safety and control elements as their industrial counterparts. The MPI Expert (control command) allows high-precision regulation thanks to highly sensitive sensors and ensures automatic and immediate correction in the event of deviation from the programmed cycle.
Stainless-steel construction
Fully automatic
Suitable for all types of packaging
Possibility of multi-process models


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Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“The Microflow is the ideal lab unit for businesses of all sizes. The entry-level sterilising solution processes small-batches, offering flexibility for smaller enterprises that require limited production volumes. For larger, industrial operations, the microflow can be used in product development or in pilot plant installations. Contact us for more information.”


Steriflow Microflow Steriliser

Microflow pilot autoclaves (Static, Rotary, Dali or Multi-process) have the same technical advantages as their industrial counterparts in the Steriflow range. These solutions are suitable for all types of packaging as they allow optimal reproducibility of programmed cycles while guaranteeing a homogenous heat treatment.

The multi-process pilot allows comparative tests to be carried out with different processes (Water Cascading, Air/Steam, Spray and Immersion). These solutions are of stainless-steel construction and are therefore reliable and robust. They are also fully automatic with MPI Expert control, which allows for a user-friendly operation.


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Steriflow Steriliser
Microflow Steriliser
This is a tailor-made sterilising solution. The microflow units are equipped with the same safety and control elements as their industrial counterparts.

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