Steriflow Shaka (Cascading Water)

Shaking process and quick temperature increases allow largely reduced cycle times.


3 temperature stages: rising, holding temperature and final cooling.


Shell internal pressure is regulated with injection or direct exhaust valves, controlled by the MPI.


Pre-heated water and direct steam humidification reduces the heating up process.


Shaka® Steriflow

The Shaka® Steriflow is a particularly innovative and resourceful autoclave as it allows a significant reduction in the sterilization time. This is due to its ‘shaking’ method and the machines ability to efficiently bring the temperature to a highpoint. This reduction in time has repercussions on the organoleptic properties of the products which are of greater taste and nutritional quality. The process includes three temperature phases, rising, maintaining and then cooling. You can then decide the stirring frequency as soon as the temperature rises. Pre-heated water and direct steam injection are used to reduce this temperature rise. The cycle time, reduced by 5 to 10 times compared to a conventional sterilization process, is obtained by high frequency stirring. Indeed, this causes a radical change in the heat transfer coefficient of the product. This type of autoclave also gives you the option of operating at higher than normal temperature levels.
High frequency stirring
Significant reduction in sterilization time
Alternative solution to aseptic technology
Better preserved and conservation of products


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Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“The Shaka® cascading water retort is a simple alternative to aseptic technology. The stirring/shaking process is controllable and thanks to significantly reduced cycle times, there is no overcooking – products retain quality, taste, texture, and nutritional value. Suitable to a wide range of liquid products and packaging types, the Shaka® is currently being used for the production of baby food. Contact us for more information.”


Shaka® Steriflow

The Shaka method does not include any overcooking and therefore there is no loss of product texture, taste or appearance. The machine assures a consistent high-quality product result which does not break down and has a preserved colour with a home-made taste thanks to the reduced cycle times. A notable difference compared to static or rotary autoclaves. During the entire cycle, the internal pressure of the tank is regulated by injection or direct exhaust of compressed air with the help of two automatic MPI automatic valves.

The radar level also allows precise control of the volume and water throughout the cycle. The benefits of the ‘shaking’ method provide a healthier, improved preservation of products and a better conservation of vitamins, Polyphenols and other micronutrients. There is also a reduction in the use of salt and the aromas of the ingredients used are preserved to ensure a tasty product. It also provides a more consistent texture. The packaging is also cooled with sterilised water at the end of the process.


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