Sparc Systems Raptor fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system

Integrated control software ensures full compliance to retailers COP’s


User-friendly HMI interface enhances efficiency with simple drag and drop touchscreen control.


Production data, QA reports and batch information is reported live with the integrated data collection system

Sparc Systems


Sparc Systems
The Sparc Raptor label system inspects each label, top and bottom to ensure the information, i.e. the product description, date code, lot numbers allergen ID codes and barcode, are all correct. The Raptor eject products with missing data into a designated collection bin.
Ensures accurate label information and data
Ejects incorrect products
High resolution cameras
Servo driven requiring no compressed air
Easy to clean and maintain


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Rob Allen Packing Solutions Divisional Manager - Interfood Technology Ltd
Rob Allen
Divisional Manager – Inspection and End of Line Automation
“With vision inspection and label verification systems to check every pack, the Raptor is a cost effective standalone system which can be incorporated with a database to ensure all critical control points are automatically programmed with the correct settings. Contact us for more information.”


Sparc Systems Raptor Label Inspection System

The Sparc Systems Raptor can be connected to the optional SparcControl database, which allows the system to receive the required product key and variable data to be set automatically. The Raptor does not require an operator or machine adjustment when changing the product, allowing for a fast changeover time. 


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Sparc Systems Raptor fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system
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