Hiperbaric 55 In-Pack

Compact design optimises production space.


Horizontal, ergonomic design for simple installation and operation.


Improved safety and accessibility.


Advanced design for maximum yoke and vessel life.


Integrated communication software for real-time data monitoring.


Hiperbaric 55

The Hiperbaric 55 is the ideal first step into the high-pressure processing systems with its 55 litre and a 200mm diameter. It is ideal for SME’s, food companies and seasonal production.
55 litre vessel
200mm diameter
10.8 number of cycles per hour
Throughput 270kg per hour
Quick and easy to install


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Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Thermal Processing and Conditioning
“The Hiperbaric 55 is ideal for SME’s with relatively low production environments, food companies servicing niche markets, seasonal production, or installed in a R&D centre wanting to test concepts before upscaling. Perfect for the first steps into High Pressure Processing, it is robust and compact with one integrated single intensifier – and easy to install in almost any facility. Contact us for more information.”


Hiperbaric 55

With a throughput around 270kg per hour, a 55 litre vessel and a 200mm diameter, the Hiperbaric 55 is the ideal machine for those stepping into the high-pressure processing industry. It is the optimal unit for SME’s, food companies sevring to niche markets, seasonal production or R&D centres. Its compact design allows for a quick and easy installation in any industrial facility.


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Hiperbaric 55 In-Pack
Hiperbaric 55
The Hiperbaric 55 is the ideal first step into the high-pressure processing systems with its 55 litre and a 200mm diameter.
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