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The Padovani Technology Laminator offers bakers a versatile solution for creating layered doughs used in a variety of bakery products, such as pastries and croissants. Designed to delicately layer a variety of doughs with precision, the Laminator perfectly suited for achieving the crispy, flaky texture characteristic of premium baked goods. After receiving the sheet, the Laminator, employing retractable tapes, precisely cuts the sheet to the required length and layers multiple sheets as necessary. Upon completion, the system’s outlet yields a substantial dough sheet crafted from numerous thin layers. This larger sheet is conveyed to subsequent sheeting lines for additional processing to achieve the desired thickness. The Laminator ensures uniformity and consistency in every layer, guaranteeing top-quality results with every batch.
Available in 90 degree and in-line configurations.
Optional feature to add butter or fat between layers.
Easy operation with precise control over settings.
User-friendly touch screen panel allows you to adjust layers, speed, and other settings effortlessly.
Save and recall settings for hassle-free operation.


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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“The Padovani Technology Laminator is a practical choice for the production of layered dough for pastries. With its precise layering technology, it ensures consistent texture and quality in pastries and croissants. From receiving the sheet to cutting and layering, this machine simplifies the process, resulting in a uniform dough sheet ready for pastry production. Count on the laminator’s reliability for consistent outcomes in your bakery operations. Contact us for more information.”


Padovani Technology Laminator

Multi-Layered Dough Sheets

With the laminator, bakers can create sheet dough comprised of multiple layers, allowing for versatile baking applications. This feature enables the production of various baked goods with intricate layering, such as puff pastries, croissants, and Danish pastries, enhancing their visual appeal and taste.

Precision Cutting and Layering Mechanism

The laminator receives previously created dough sheets and utilises retractable tapes to precisely cut the sheets to the desired length and layer them accordingly. Additionally, it offers the option to deposit butter or fat between layers, providing further customization and flavour enhancement possibilities for baked goods.

Output of Large Dough Sheets

At the outlet of the system, bakers obtain a large dough sheet composed of multiple thin layers. This sheet is transferred to subsequent sheeting lines for further processing to achieve the desired thickness, ensuring uniformity and consistency in every layer of the dough.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The laminator features a user-friendly touch screen panel that allows bakers to manage the number of layers, their speed, and other parameters with ease. This intuitive interface enables efficient operation, and the ability to save and recall settings simplifies workflow management, ensuring consistent and hassle-free production.


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The Padovani Technology Laminator provides bakers with a flexible tool for producing layered doughs essential for various bakery items like pastries and croissants. Engineered to delicately layer dough with precision, the Laminator achieves the signature crispy, flaky texture found in high-quality baked goods.
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