Padovani Technology Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 - RW3 for soft biscuit production

Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 – RW3

Padovani Technology
The RW2-RW3 rotary moulding machine is suited for small and medium-sized operations, and test bakeries. Engineered for versatility, ease of operation, and optimal performance, this machine delivers perfectly formed soft, short biscuits, ready for further processing. With the ability to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and patterns, it offers unparalleled flexibility to meet diverse requirements. Depending on the product, the RW2-RW3 rotary moulding machine can process up to 400 kg/h, with a maximum production speed of up to 12 trays per minute. Its relaunch in 2023 introduces an integrated washing and sanitising system, providing biscuit manufacturers with an efficient solution for shaping and forming dough while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
Speed adjustment facilitated by an inverter for versatility.
Quick, tool-free mould changes and easy cleaning.
User-friendly interface for simple operation.
Solid and robust construction for long-lasting reliability.
Minimal maintenance required.



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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“Ideal for small and medium-sized biscuit producers and test bakeries, this machine offers simplicity in operation and can create a range of soft biscuits in various shapes and sizes. With a production capacity of up to 400 kg per hour and a maximum speed of 12 trays per minute, it ensures efficiency. Moreover, its low maintenance requirements and ease of cleaning make it a dependable and effective option for biscuit manufacturers. Contact us for more information.”


Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 – RW3

Easy mould change

The hopper can be tilted to the side, and locking or unlocking it is as simple as using quick hooks, with no need for any additional tools.

New knife regulation system

The knife moves in alignment with the mould surface throughout its adjustment range, ensuring precision forming. An indicator on a graduated scale on the control side lets you easily monitor the knife's position.

Perfect forming

The machine allows you to stop/start the movement of the trays independently from the forming head via an electromechanical connection operated from the control panel. This feature enables single-operator operation during startup or recipe testing phases, as all adjustments for perfect biscuit forming can be made easily. Once ready for production, you can activate the deposit on trays.

Fully integrated control panel

You can adjust the speed using the potentiometer conveniently located on the panel, which controls the inverter. Additionally, a digital display on the panel allows you to monitor the working speed at any time.

Increased production capacity

With a maximum production speed of up to 12 trays per minute, it can achieve an hourly productivity of up to 400 kg/h, depending on the specific format being produced.

New WASH system

As customer demands for enhanced hygiene standards continue to rise, Padovani Technology have developed a practical and simple system for washing the grooved roller of the rotary machine model RW2 and RW3. The WASH system is a practical and straightforward system that allows you to effortlessly wash and disinfect the grooved roller, significantly reducing machine cleaning times.

Trays dimensions [mm]
Power installed [kW]
Packaging dimensions (aprox) [mm]
Gross Weight [kg]
Trays per minute
MAX production [kg/h]
RW 2
W 500 (max) x L 600-800
2750 x 1250 x H1650
Min 3 – Max 12
RW 3
W 600 (max) x L 600-800
2750 x 1350 x H1650
Min 3 – Max 12

Decorating Devices

Padovani Technology offers a range of decorating devices tailored for integration with their Rotary Moulding machines. From the Glazing Unit to the Sugar Sprinkler and more, these devices provide flexibility for biscuit customisation. Enhance the productivity of your biscuit manufacturing operations With Padovani Technology’s decorating devices.


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Padovani Technology Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 - RW3 for soft biscuit production
Rotary Moulding Machine RW2 - RW3
The RW2-RW3 rotary moulding machine is perfect for small and medium-sized operations and R&D test bakeries. Designed for versatility, ease of use, and top performance, it creates perfectly shaped soft biscuits, ready for further processing.

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