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The Rotary Moulding Machine RWN is a highly efficient and compact solution tailored for use with small ovens. Available in three models with working widths of 500mm, 600mm, and 700mm, it offers versatility and ease of operation for biscuit production. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, this machine ensures the creation of perfectly formed soft, short biscuits, ideal for further processing. Its ability to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and patterns provides optimal flexibility to meet diverse requirements of biscuit manufacturing.
Easily swap moulds with the side-tilting hopper, secured by quick hooks attached to the head. When the hopper opens, the moulding roller is also released for convenience.
Endless cotton conveyor belt, equipped with specialised weft and waxed edges, to maintain smooth dough transfer.
Large-diameter feeder roller for improved feeding of the mould.
Pressure roller with food-grade white rubber coating for precision and hygiene.
Robust aluminium main frame, crafted with precision.


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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“The Rotary Moulding Machine RWN delivers outstanding results for small oven operations, ensuring precise shaping of biscuit dough on a small footprint. The speed regulation feature guarantees uniform output, while the adjustable delivery nose ensures accurate placement in oven tunnels of various sizes. Contact us for more information.”


Rotary Moulding Machine RWN

Stainless steel knife hardened and ground

The rotary moulding machine features a precision-engineered hardened stainless steel knife. Its position can be easily adjusted using a knob located on the control side. The knife's movement is synchronized with the mould surface, maintaining tangency throughout the entire regulation range. Additionally, a graduated scale indicator located on the control side provides clear visibility of the knife's position.

Stainless steel scraper

For efficient cleaning, the machine includes a stainless steel scraper designed to clean the conveyor belt. Beneath the scraper, a motorised belt is positioned to collect dough scraps.

Gear motor with inverter

The main drive of the machine is powered by a gear motor with an inverter. Speed regulation is conveniently managed through the control panel located on the machine side, allowing for precise control.

Adjustable delivery nose

Designed for seamless integration with oven tunnels of varying dimensions, the machine is equipped with a delivery nose which is adjustable in height. This component features tensioning and belt centering groups, ensuring smooth delivery of biscuits to the oven.

User-friendly control panel

The machine is equipped with a control panel on the machine side, featuring a working frequency display, start/stop button, emergency button, and potentiometer for speed variation.

Optional small motorised roller

Additionally, an optional small motorised roller is available for installation on the delivery nose. This roller, equipped with its own motor and independent speed adjustment, facilitates the detachment of biscuits from the cotton belt, enhancing operational efficiency.

Working Width [mm]
Installed Power * [kW]
Packaging dimensions (approx.) [mm]
Gross Weight [kg]
Max hourly production ** [kg/h]
RWN 500
1500 x 850 x H1350
RWN 600
1500 x 950 x H1350
RWN 700
1500 x 1050 x H1350

Decorating Devices

Padovani Technology offers a range of decorating devices tailored for integration with their Rotary Moulding machines. From the Glazing Unit to the Sugar Sprinkler and more, these devices provide flexibility for biscuit customisation. Enhance the productivity of your biscuit manufacturing operations With Padovani Technology’s decorating devices.


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Rotary Moulding Machine RWN
The Rotary Moulding Machine RWN is a highly efficient and compact solution tailored for use with small ovens. Available in three models with working widths of 500mm, 600mm, and 700mm, it offers versatility and ease of operation for biscuit production.
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