Decorating Devices

Padovani Technology provides a comprehensive selection of decorating devices, specially designed for integration with their Rotary Moulding machines. Within their range of decorating devices, Padovani Technology offer the Glazing Unit, the Sugar Sprinkler, a versatile sprinkler for Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, and the convenient Marmalade/Jam Depositor. These devices provide biscuit manufacturers with unmatched flexibility, allowing them to tailor their products to meet the diverse preferences of consumers.

What sets these decorating devices apart is their advanced features, including independent regulation for effortless adjustment. This ensures that manufacturers can fine-tune their production processes with precision, optimising efficiency, and productivity. Furthermore, the intuitive design of these devices makes them incredibly user-friendly, facilitating easy installation, removal, and maintenance. With Padovani Technology’s decorating devices, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your biscuit manufacturing operations.

Glazing Unit

The Glazing Unit, compatible with Padovani Technology rotary machines, applies wash or glaze to biscuits. It includes an Inox washover roller, replaceable with a rotating brush, and is easy to install and maintain. With a sturdy aluminium frame and a 5-liter capacity food-grade plastic tank, liquid flow is regulated by a tap, collected in a stainless steel tank. Three rectified stainless steel rollers transfer the solution to the biscuits, with height and rotation controlled by a gear motor and inverter.

Sugar Sprinkler

The Sugar Sprinkler facilitates the addition of sugar, sesame, minced nuts, or other granular products to biscuits immediately after forming, with ease and simplicity. It features a conveyor belt onto which the rotary machine deposits the biscuits, along with one or more decoration heads to deposit the chosen product. Excess product is collected under the conveyor belt and led out of the line via a discharging belt.

Marmalade/Jam Depositor

The Marmalade/Jam Depositor is a top-filling dosing machine designed to apply marmalade or chocolate onto freshly formed biscuits. It features a piston dosing head that draws marmalade from the hopper and dispenses it through specialised spouts onto the biscuits. The spout design allows for precise deposition on specific points or surfaces as needed. The head includes horizontal and vertical handling systems to facilitate marmalade application on biscuits moving along the rotary machine belt.

Ink printer

The ink printer, integrated into the rotary machine, transfers pre-defined designs onto biscuits using food ink print technology. Operators can easily switch designs by changing the printing roll, and multiple devices can be used for multi-colour printing. This feature enables biscuit manufacturers to create visually appealing products with intricate designs and branding.

Rotary Moulding Machines

Padovani Technology's rotary moulding machines serve a wide range of operations, from small to large enterprises and R&D facilities. Engineered for versatility, user-friendliness, and performance, they produce perfectly shaped biscuits for further processing. With options to accommodate various shapes and sizes, they offer unmatched flexibility. Additional enhancements like decorating devices and washing systems provide biscuit manufacturers with efficient solutions for rotary moulding.


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Related equipment

Padovani-Technology-Dropping-CLW machine-1
Dropping Machine
The Dropping Machine from Padovani Technology is designed to create biscuits using 1, 2, or 3 coloured doughs, offering maximum versatility for biscuit manufacturing. This model encapsulates all the characteristics of the 3-colour extruder, this machine allows for both horizontal and vertical manipulation of the extrusion head.
3 Colour Extruder
The 3 Colour Extruder from Padovani Technology is a reliable solution tailored for the production of tri-coloured filled biscuits. This technology facilitates the creation of biscuits with diverse shapes and colour combinations, offering versatility and efficiency for biscuit manufacturing operations.
The Extruder from Padovani Technology is a specialised solution for biscuits with soft centers. With its specialised design, it ensures exceptional results in every batch. Available with a variety of accessories for decoration, including decorating rollers for texturing and flattening rollers.
Padovani-Technology-Automatic-Feeder -Industrial-Machine-2
Automatic Feeder Industrial
The Padovani Technology Automatic Feeder for Industrial Operations is engineered to automate dough loading processes across rotary moulding machines, sheet forming machines, and extruding machines. From the initial unloading of dough from the mixer to the feeder, every step is managed to ensure precision and consistency.
Automatic Feeder SHR 500-600
The Automatic Feeder SHR 500-600 from Padovani Technology is an innovative solution designed for small moulding machines. This automatic feeder receives dough from the mixer, breaking it into small pieces and transferring it in precise quantities to the hopper of the rotary machine and/or hard biscuit lines.
Rotary Cutting Machine
The Rotary Cutting Machine from Padovani Technology offers precise and efficient forming and cutting for hard biscuits. This advanced equipment is designed to emboss and cut various sheeted doughs into perfectly shaped biscuit forms, providing exceptional performance, reliability, and user-friendliness.
The Padovani Technology Laminator provides bakers with a flexible tool for producing layered doughs essential for various bakery items like pastries and croissants. Engineered to delicately layer dough with precision, the Laminator achieves the signature crispy, flaky texture found in high-quality baked goods.
Sheeting Lines
Sheeting Lines from Padovani Technology are versatile systems designed for precision and efficiency in producing sheet dough for hard sweet biscuits and crackers. Designed to accommodate a range of dough viscosities and textures, this system ensures consistent, uniform, and hassle-free sheeting.
Rotary Moulding Machine - Industrial
The high-performance Rotary Moulding Machine is tailored for large-scale biscuit manufacturing, offering high throughput and efficiency of up to 3,000 kg/hour, ensuring manufacturers can meet production demands efficiently.
Rotary Moulding Decorating Devices
Padovani Technology provides a comprehensive selection of decorating devices, specially designed for integration with their Rotary Moulding machines. These devices provide biscuit manufacturers with unmatched flexibility, allowing them to tailor their products to meet the diverse preferences of consumers.

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