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The Extruder from Padovani Technology is a specialised solution for biscuits with soft centers. With its specialised design, it ensures exceptional results in every batch. This innovative extrusion system comprises a hopper designed to receive the prepared dough and a pair of grooved rollers engineered to extrude the dough through the forming mould. Ensuring precision and consistency, a filler block is positioned between the rollers and the forming mould to evenly distribute the dough to all the exits, guaranteeing uniformity in biscuit weights. To complete the process seamlessly, a gear pump integrated into the machine injects the filling into the forming mould, ensuring each biscuit is perfectly filled. As biscuits emerge from the forming mould, an iris shutter device is employed to delicately seal their sides, adding a final touch of precision and uniformity to each biscuit.
Ideal for filled biscuits with a range of soft fillings such as marmalade, jam, chocolate, or cream.
Available with a variety of accessories for decoration, including decorating rollers for texturing and flattening rollers.
User-friendly touch screen panel for seamless parameter adjustment.



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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“The Extruder from Padovani Technology represents a cutting-edge solution tailored specifically for biscuits with soft centers, promising exceptional results with each batch. Its innovative design ensures precise filling distribution and uniformity in every biscuit, providing consistent quality and taste across your product line. Contact us for more information.”



Craft Filled Biscuits with Ease

The extruder is the perfect solution for producing filled biscuits with a diverse array of soft fillings, ranging from classic flavours like marmalade and jam to indulgent options like chocolate or cream. Its specialised design ensures precise filling distribution and uniformity in every biscuit, guaranteeing consistent quality and taste.

Versatile Decoration Options

Enhance the visual appeal of your biscuits with a wide range of available accessories. From decorating rollers that add texture to the biscuit's surface to flattening rollers for achieving the perfect thickness, these accessories offer endless possibilities for creative decoration, allowing you to customise your biscuits according to your preferences and market demands.

Expand Your Product Range with Wire-Cut Capability

Take your biscuit production to the next level with the optional wire cut device, which enables the creation of wire-cut products alongside filled biscuits. This versatile feature allows you to diversify your product offerings and cater to a broader customer base.

Intuitive Control with Touch Screen Panel

Experience seamless operation and precise parameter adjustment with the user-friendly touch screen panel. Easily set and fine-tune machine settings, save preferred configurations for future use, and visualise key work parameters at a glance. The intuitive interface simplifies operation and ensures efficient production workflows.

Flexible Installation Options for Enhanced Workflow

Positioning the extruder above the oven streamlines the biscuit production process, optimising space utilisation and workflow efficiency. For added flexibility, the machine can be equipped with a motorised conveyor belt for front-of-oven installation. This customisable setup allows you to adapt the equipment layout to suit your bakery's specific requirements and space constraints, ensuring seamless integration into your production line.


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The Extruder from Padovani Technology is a specialised solution for biscuits with soft centers. With its specialised design, it ensures exceptional results in every batch. Available with a variety of accessories for decoration, including decorating rollers for texturing and flattening rollers.
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