3 Colour Extruder

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The 3-Colour Extruder from Padovani Technology is designed for reliable production of tri-colored filled biscuits. Its advanced extrusion system accommodates up to three dough colors, offering versatility and efficiency. Each precision-engineered extrusion head ensures consistent results, with dedicated dough hoppers and grooved rollers for seamless operation. The extruder delivers precise dough portions to the forming mold, allowing for uniform extrusions every time. Additionally, it offers customisable options like side sealing and cutting for added flexibility.
A version of the machine with a baking tray conveyor is available for lengths up to 600 mm.
Optionally equipped with a motorised conveyor belt to position it in front of the oven.
User-friendly touch screen panel for seamless parameter adjustment.



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James Fitch
Divisional Manager – Bakery
“The 3-Colour Extruder from Padovani Technology boasts remarkable production capacities and flexibility. Engineered with both small laboratories and large-scale bakeries in mind, these extruders are renowned for their user-friendly design and adaptability, catering to a wide range of production environments. This advanced technology enables the creation of biscuits in a variety of shapes and colour combinations, elevating efficiency and expanding the creative possibilities within biscuit manufacturing operations. Contact us for more information.”


3 Colour Extruder

Advanced Extrusion System

The extruder features an advanced extrusion system powered by lobe pumps with separate compartments. This technology enables the creation of biscuits in various shapes while allowing the simultaneous use of up to three different colours of dough. This versatility opens up endless possibilities for creating visually striking and unique biscuit designs.

Precision Extrusion Heads

Designed to offer consistent performance and uniform results, every extrusion head is meticulously crafted. These heads are equipped with specialised components, such as a dedicated dough hopper, grooved rollers for efficient pre-loading, and a lobe pump with separate compartments. This carefully engineered configuration ensures smooth and reliable operation, allowing users to easily produce the desired biscuit shapes and colours.

Forming Mould Precision

The extruded dough is carefully pushed into a forming mould equipped with dedicated ducts and channels. This ensures precise shaping and detailing, allowing users to achieve the desired extrusion with accuracy and consistency. Whether creating intricate designs or simple shapes, the forming mould delivers exceptional results every time.

Versatile Finishing Options

Following extrusion, the resulting biscuit can undergo various finishing processes to meet specific requirements. It can be sealed on the sides using an iris shutter mould for added aesthetics or cut with a wire cutter or guillotine for precise shaping. These versatile finishing options enhance the overall quality and presentation of the biscuits, catering to diverse preferences and production needs.

Flexible Installation Options

The extruder is typically installed above the oven, optimising space utilisation and workflow efficiency. However, for added flexibility, it can be equipped with a motorised conveyor belt to position it in front of the oven, allowing for seamless integration into different production setups. Additionally, a version of the machine with a conveyor for baking trays is available, further enhancing its versatility and suitability for various baking operations.


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3 Colour Extruder
The 3 Colour Extruder from Padovani Technology is a reliable solution tailored for the production of tri-coloured filled biscuits. This technology facilitates the creation of biscuits with diverse shapes and colour combinations, offering versatility and efficiency for biscuit manufacturing operations.
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