Marlen Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker

Burner technology maintains temperature accuracy of the rings for product consistency.


Totally insulated oven minimises radiation of heat.


Adjustable belt speed (up to 20 meters or 65 feet per minute).


Floating rings ensure precision across the products natural shape.


Adjustable grill marker and brander height.


Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker & Brander

Also known as the ‘bar-marker’, the Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker & Brander can apply authentic chargrill ‘stripes’ to a wide range of meat, seafood, vegetable, or even bakery products, processed from raw, fully cooked, chilled, or frozen. It is the perfect solution when the addition of aesthetic grill marks alone is required. The marker can be built as a stand-alone machine, integrated into a wider thermal processing line, or as an option that can be included within our Afoheat™ Select Flame Searer and Infrared Roaster for a combined grilling and bar marking solution within one unit.
Consistent results.
Low energy consumption.
Small machine footprint.
Interchangeable marker specification.
Belt widths from 300mm up to 1000mm.
Hygienic design.


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Pet food



Steve Naylor of Interfood Technology
Steve Naylor
Divisional Manager – Cooking, Cooling & Pasteurisation
“The custom-built Grill Marker and Brander utilises Afoheat™ technology to give great control and consistency to all types of products. With the ability to combine our technologies, we can provide a tailor-made solution developed specifically for your product. Contact us for more information.”


Marlen Afoheat™ Select Grill Marker & Brander

This device can be used as a stand-alone unit or in line with an AfoHeat flame grill or flame searer. The customisable device has a low energy consumption due to the Afoheat pre-mix burner control. Able to process raw, cooked, chilled or frozen product, the AfoHeat Select has multiple parameters for product versatility. This superior hygienic design has a removable conveyor for easy cleaning and maintenance and has an optional feature of a belt brush with continuous washing systems for reduced water consumption.

With standard belt widths of 300, 600, 1000mm, there are also custom belt widths available. The machine can also be installed in line with other cooking equipment. There is also an adjustable height of the grill marker and brander to correspond with the height of the product as well as the height of the inline conveyor. There are various ring widths available and floating rings to avoid damage to the product’s surface, ensuring a high-quality result. The machine also has a fully insulated oven for minimal heat radiation and is interchangeable with drum technology.


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