Preparation Division

We provide sales and technical support for the ranges of Alco, Foodlogistik, K+G Wetter and Source Technology.

In addition to our unequalled record on supplying the world’s best food processing equipment, service and backup, Interfood Technology now offers solutions in:

  • Bespoke bulk raw material handling with full traceability
  • Automated line control and software
  • Silo storage and automated recipe dosing
  • Grinding
  • Blending/mixing
  • Batch cooling
  • Pumping
  • Bowl cutting
  • Emulsifying

The Power Heater is also a cost-effective way to get into the vegetarian/vegan markets. Typical areas of focus are meat, vegetarian, vegan and pet food products.

Machine line up

For maximum efficiency and profitability, Interfood Technology’s Preparation Division can offer specialised solutions from individual machines to full-line systems. Comprised of the world’s leading grinding, bowl-chopping, emulsifying, dicing, flattening, coating and batch mixing/cooling suppliers.
Simon Jubb - Divisional Manager
Preparation Division