Preparation Division

We provide sales and technical support for the ranges of Alco, Foodlogistik, K&G Wetter, Source Technology and Weber.

In addition to our unequalled record on supplying the world’s best food processing equipment, service and backup, Interfood Technology now offers solutions in:

  • Bespoke bulk raw material handling with full traceability
  • Automated line control and software
  • Silo storage and automated recipe dosing
  • Grinding
  • Blending/mixing
  • Batch cooling
  • Pumping
  • Bowl chopping
  • Emulsifying

Source Technology can also provide solutions for adding value to typically lower-quality raw materials.

Machine line up

For maximum efficiency and profitability, Interfood Technology’s Preparation Division can offer specialised solutions from individual machines to full-line systems. Comprised of the world’s leading grinding, bowl-chopping, emulsifying, dicing, flattening, coating and batch mixing/cooling suppliers.
Simon Jubb - Divisional Manager
Preparation Division