Preparation Division

Preparation Division

We provide sales and technical support for the ranges of Alco, Foodlogistik, Inotec, K&G Wetter, Source Technology and Weber.

In addition to our unequalled record on supplying the world’s best food processing equipment, service and backup, Interfood Technology now offers solutions in bespoke bulk raw material handling with full traceability, automated line control and software, in-line block microwaving, silo storage and automated recipe dosing, fat analysing, grinding, blending/mixing, batch cooling, pumping, bowl chopping and emulsifying.

Interfood’s Product Development Division will also help formulate the optimum recipe solutions for you and your customers, thereby maximising your productivity and profitability.

From the established German manufacturer FOODLOGISTIK comes the most comprehensive range of dicers and shredders available on the market today. Superior build quality and hygiene is foremost in the machines’ design. The versatility in the FOODLOGISTIK range of machinery ensures total adaptability for today’s ever- changing factory requirements. The full range can dice from 500kg to 4,000kg per hour. From hand load to tote bin or even full conveyor automation. Utilising large chamber designs that are unrivalled in today’s market and powerful hydraulic drives with fixed or driven grid options, FOODLOGISTIK gives the very best cube and strip portion with clean, square, sinew-free edges time and again. It is no surprise that FOODLOGISTIK has over 150 units operating throughout the UK and Ireland.

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