Alco Processing Solutions

Alco Food Machines GmbH - Processing Solutions cover a wide range of different machines ranging from standalone to full-bespoke line solutions. Their designs offer unsurpassed levels of quality and hygienic design whilst maintaining optimum throughput, yields, and flexibility.

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The main focus areas for Alco are:

Alco Mixers enable the essential standardisation of product masses. Ingredients and food components often need to be mixed together. For this to be conducted efficiently without damage to product, mixing technology that’s tailored to specific ingredients and end product is required.  Alco have a wide range of models than can be customised according to product requirements. Alco have continuously developed their  mixers and have perfected them over the years.

Alco Further Processing Systems allow the capability of flattening, tenderising and Cordon Bleu slicing of all red and white meats. The emphasis is on user-friendly operation with very high levels of finished product quality. The Cordon Bleu machine can slice chicken breasts to a pre-determined depth, or completely through if needed. to allow manufacture of e.g. Chicken cordon bleu or chicken kievs etc.

Alco Forming Systems allow forming of a wide variety of products. They deliver highly accurate weight portioning and gentle two or three-dimensional product forming, with a high hourly throughput and rapid changing of forming sets.

Optional extras include paper interleavers, ball rolling devices, croquette units, tray dispensers and lifting devices.

Alco Dusting / Battering / Breading / Coating Systems enable the coating of different food products with pre-dust, batter, breadcrumb e.g. flour, spices, sugar etc. The innovative Alco blow-off system creates minimal dust after the even application of the chosen coating. Options include a multi-flip belt system, dust removing systems and flour feeding hoppers. For the even application/battering of tempura batters or liquid marinades, Alco also manufactures liquid coating machines with the option of a tempura batter mixer.

Alco Hot-Cook Mixing Systems allow perfect cooking results whilst helping retain volatile flavour components to deliver the highest levels of texture, taste and quality. Using unique Alco systems for the cooking and frying of various different products via direct or indirect steam or thermal oil heat transfer, machines undertake the simultaneous cooking and mixing of products in order to create even temperature and uniformity e.g. browning throughout the mix. The machines employ an innovative spring-loaded scraping system to carry out the gentlest mixing of the delicate foodstuffs without creating ‘burn on’ issues.

The latest development in Alco-food machines' range is the Coating Line “PRO SERIES” which is a further development of their well known Pre-duster, Batter applicator, Tempura applicator and Bread crumb applicator, which have been among the companies top sellers for more than a decade.