New partnership sees Interfood Technology bring Salva ovens to the UK

The offering from Interfood Technology’s Bakery Division has been extended with a staple piece of equipment for the production of baked goods – the oven.

Interfood has signed a partnership deal with world renowned oven manufacturer Salva to represent the San Sebastian based family-owned company in the UK. This will cover the whole range of deck, rotary and fixed rack convection ovens, along with ancillary equipment including retarder provers, mixers and blenders.

The range offers options to cover the requirements of retail craft bakeries through to semi-industrial operations, with electric ovens which are characterised by their low energy use, realising typical savings of £700 pounds per year, per deck. The modular ovens are custom built, with the potential to configure individual decks for different applications.

Inside Salva’s Oven Innovations

Consistency of bake is a fundamental focus in the manufacture of the ovens on site at Salva’s factory in the Basque region of Northern Spain. The deck ovens feature ceramic heaters which hold the temperature, resulting in a loaf with a crusty finish all over. The convection ovens use a heated and static air circulation system that achieves uniform baking by avoiding hot and cold spots. The controls are also designed to enable high quality baking time and time again, with the smart touch control panel developed by Salva to be user-friendly and intuitive, offering useful information such as energy consumption data, warnings and alarm screens.

Partnering with Salva for Bakery Excellence

James Fitch, Interfood’s Bakery Divisional Manager, comments – “the build quality was one thing that struck us when we visited Salva to discuss a potential partnership. Salva have focused on building well made, robust, energy efficient ovens, with a high quality appearance, and their experience and heritage in this area allows them to have a complete understanding of the requirements of the baking process. Their range offers an oven for all product types. In recent years they have focused on adding a range of ancillary equipment to support their offerings in this area, to become a complete one stop shop for bakers. We are delighted to be working with Salva, their company spirit and commitment to putting customers first mirroring our own, and we look forward to discussing how we can offer bespoke solutions based around one of the most important pieces of equipment in the production of quality baked goods.”

Salva has been manufacturing ovens since 1943 and was the first to launch a modular oven into the Spanish market. It is now one of Europe’s ten largest manufacturers and is in its third generation of operation by the Llordés family.

Commenting on the new partnership, Frank Teixeira, Export Area Manager for UK and Ireland of Salva, said – “We are thrilled to partner with Interfood, a company that shares our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to the needs of bakeries. Our ovens, built with precision and innovation, are designed to elevate the baking experience, ensuring consistency and quality every time. Together, we look forward to empowering bakeries across the UK with our state-of-the-art equipment.”.

The Salva range of solutions are available in the UK from Interfood Technology’s dedicated Bakery Division. Talk to our Bakery experts to find out how we can take your bakery operation to the next level.


Bread Moulder
Engineered with precision to optimise bakery operations, the Salva Bread Moulder is designed to ensure maximum bread production efficiency. Utilising a series of rollers and guide shoes, it employs progressive moulding systems to precisely shape diverse types of loaves.
Solaris Deck Oven
The Salva Solaris Deck Oven is an advanced electric deck oven with innovative baking technology, offering exceptional quality and energy efficiency. It ensures consistent baking results, minimising energy consumption while providing bakers with a high-performance solution for bread with a crispy crust and a soft, airy crumb.
Modular Deck Oven
The Modular Electric Deck Oven is designed to deliver unparalleled baking excellence and maximum flexibility for bakers. Renowned for its efficiency, precision, and adaptability, it sets a new standard in the industry for performance and versatility. The modular ovens feature static baking using electric ceramic resistances, resulting in unmatched product appearance.
Elecsol Deck Oven
The Elecsol Deck Oven by Salva is a premium choice tailored for artisan bakers seeking consistent and superior baking results. Featuring innovative technology, it combines the essence of traditional ovens with modern ease of use and maintenance.
Electric Boutique Oven
The Salva Electric Boutique Oven combines the best features of Salva's renowned convection and electric deck ovens, presenting an innovative proofing and baking solution within a compact footprint of less than 1 m2. The Electric Boutique Oven offers unmatched versatility for fresh and pre-cooked products in bakery, confectionery, and pizzeria settings.
FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys
The Salva FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys is a versatile solution designed for both direct and retarded proofing with tray trolleys, ideal for bakeries requiring high production capacities. With the capability to accommodate up to 12 trolleys, this chamber offers versatility and ease of installation.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trays
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trays, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate all types of dough. Convenient and versatile, the Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trolley Racks
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trolley racks, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate various dough types. Designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries, the Iverpan enables the customisation of multiple fermentation programs to suit each bakery's unique requirements.
AF Direct Proofing Cabinet
The Salva AF Direct Proofing Cabinet for tray racks provides enhanced efficiency and precision for direct proofing. Featuring the Salva CRF2 Convector, engineered for rapid and efficient heat and humidity distribution within the chamber, it ensures optimal conditions for dough fermentation.
AR-22 Direct Proofing Cabinet for Trays
The Salva AR-22 Direct Proofing Cabinet allows direct proofing for a variety of doughs on trays. With its independent control over steam and dry heat generation, the AR-22 features a robust power system that ensures optimal steam conditions and temperatures, allowing for precise proofing control and superior dough quality.

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