New release: Astech 3.0 Automatic Bandsaw

Interfood has announced its latest offering for processors involved in the cutting of both fresh and frozen products with the launch of a new version of the popular Astech bandsaw.

The Astech SRA 3.0 bandsaw builds on many of the features of the original, with new additions which include a completely new gripping system to minimise product movement and a smaller footprint to optimise space.

Safety is ensured through the blade area being fully enclosed, with the blade stopped during the loading process. Despite the enclosure, the bandsaw’s internal workings have been specifically designed for easy access to ensure simple maintenance. Meeting the requirements of IP67, attention has also been paid to hygiene with a 100% washable and waterproof design. Modifications have been made to optimise cleaning of the product and to avoid the accumulation of debris, with a pump providing pressure to direct water accurately via strategically placed nozzles.

Richard Nethercot is Group Divisional Manager, Low Risk, Butchery Division, at Interfood. He comments – “we always try and listen to customer needs and respond to how the market is evolving. We have fed that back to Astech and this has been reflected in the latest version. For those processors who prefer a fully automated bandsaw operation, the SRA 3.0 offers an impressive performance with the adjustable cutting speed ensuring high quality cuts for either bone-in or boneless products.”

Another feature of the Astech SRA 3.0 bandsaw is the pneumatic tensioner which provides constant tension to the saw blade, further improving cut-quality and reducing the time required to change the blade. Two machines can be controlled by a single operator via an easy to use interface, with the capacity to store up to 50 different recipes.

The SRA 3.0 Automatic Bandsaw by Astech Food Machinery is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology’s dedicated Butchery Division.

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