Cooking & Cooling / Pasteurisation Division

Interfood has the knowledge, expertise and experience that is vital to helping your business manage its needs correctly. Within our Cooking & Cooling Division we are able to offer:

  • Batch Cooking, Smoking and Roasting and intensive cooling units (Maurer-Atmos)
  • Drying and Fermenting (Maurer-Atmos)
  • Linear Cooking (Alco)
  • Teflon™ Belt Cooking (Alco and CelsiusFOOD AB)
  • Frying (Alco)
  • Flame-Grilling, Roasting & Bar-Marking (Marlen - Afo)
  • Spiral Cooking (Alco)
  • Spiral Cooling (Alco)
  • Pasteurisation & Sterilisation - Autoclaves & Retorts (Steriflow)
  • Cold Pasteurisation - HPP (Hiperbaric)

Check out the latest brochure from Alco here!

Working closely with the manufacturers enables Interfood to utilise state-of-the-art test facilities at our supplier’s premises so that our customers get the opportunity to see first-hand our technologies in practice. Get in contact to book a visit to one of these sites!
Steve Naylor - Divisional Manager
Cooking & Cooling / Pasteurisation Division