Poly-clip SCD Hand Clipper

Hygienically designed with smooth surfaces


Integrated coding stamp for encoding date/batch numbers


High-quality stainless steel and industrial plastic construction

Poly-clip System

SCD Hand Clipper

Poly-clip System
The SCD range of single-clip hand clippers from Poly-clip System provide options for closing synthetic and natural casings, sausage casings, and pre-tied casings. The robust and hygienically designed clippers require minimal physical effort to operate. Made of high-quality stainless steel and industrial plastic, the clippers offer a range of versatile settings for optimum product protection. Closing of the gate gathers the casing before the clip is applied automatically. The clip pressure can be adjusted via a click-stop scale individually and reproducibly. In addition, product specific closing speed and pressure can be set with the pressure regulator assembly.
Single-clip machine
Options available to closes casings up to 120mm in diameter
Suitable for all plastic and natural casings, bags, and nets
Horizontal options available for bag-closing
Can be upgraded with optional features at any time


James Radcliffe of Interfood Technology
James Radcliffe
Divisional Manager – Curing to Clipping
“Poly-clip System remains the market leader in clipping and bag closing technology. From tabletop models to complete industrial high-speed lines, their programme of continuous innovation provides the best solutions for your factory. Poly-clip System pride themselves in coupling reliability with performance, hygiene, and safety. Contact us for more information.”


Poly-clip System SCD Hand Clipper

We offer a vast range of machinery capable of accommodating any clipping application. We also provide original SAFE-COAT clips manufactured from aluminium or plastic, together with tags and tag feeders for any operation. Backed-up with sales and technical support, for the full range from Poly-clip System.

SCD Options (vary by model):

  • Pressure reducer with filter
  • Side tray with portioning stop
  • Pneumatic knife (PM)
  • Looper (GSE)
  • S-clips on spool (SP)
  • Clip coding unit
  • Flow control
  • Horizontal version
  • Ejector
  • Tool-kit


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