K+G Wetter Grinding & Bowl-Cutting

K+G Wetter GmbH come from a long established tradition of designing and building ‘no compromise’, exceptionally well engineered state-of-the-art machinery; all in house.

They have expertise and passion for engineering the best available Worldwide with the keys of robustness, reliability, longevity and industry leading hygienic design, whilst ensuring optimum functionality and cost effectiveness.

The stainless steel clad chassis on their range of Cutmix Bowl Cutters is made from a unique single-piece cast iron casting, which ensures maximum knife shaft and bowl stability making it one of the smoothest and quietest machines available. The deep bowl design enables product-filling of up to 95% thus minimising labour input and helping maximise throughput.

In addition to many small and large scale manufacturers using K+G Wetter equipment, there are a number of Industry recognised test facilities around the World who own and run K+G Wetter equipment; all testimony to K+G Wetter’s inherent quality.