Weber Derinding, Skinning & Scoring

We provide sales and technical support for the full range of Weber skinners, splitters, strip-cutters, derinders and scorers, that utilise modern hygienic design with superior build quality, to deliver optimum solutions for high yields.

The full range from Weber consists of manual and semi-automatic systems that can be readily incorporated into existing production lines. Weber skinners, splitters, strip-cutters, derinders and scorers provide labour-saving solutions to maximise profits while ensuring safety. Their patented variable cut-control and hold-down systems combine to give a fast and consistent but gentle action, without damage to the product.

The quick-release blade holder system for tool-less blade changing, on Weber membrane skinners, maximise efficiency during operation.

Click on the links below for the latest brochures from Weber's derinder range:

AMS 533 TWIN AMS 533 ASB460/560/770 ASD460
ASM560 ASP460/560 ASP560D ASW560