Loading and Automation

Weber and Textor loading and automation solutions are designed to maximise productivity. From simple portion transfer to fully automatic conveying, buffering, turning, and aligning stations, we can transport portions quickly and efficiently to ensure optimum performance with minimal labour requirements.

A wide range of loading options are available, from simply moving a piece or portion from A to B, through to more complex operations such as loading of thermoformers, flow wrappers or even placing of product into sandwiches or onto pizzas.


TO-100 Smart Overlapper

The SmartOverlapper is a newly developed simple overlapper. This allows lateral overlapping of portions to be implemented in the smallest possible space. The cassette based system allows for fast changeovers between overlapping formats such as 4-1, 4-2, 3-1, 2-1. 


Compact Buffer

The compact buffer forms an integral part of automated slicing lines and is typically integrated in pick and place or flow-wrap applications. The Weber compact buffer uses multiple buffer and aligning belts to ensure a consistent feed into the picker cell to maximise output or downstream to subsequent third party equipment. 


CCA-500 and weLOAD Infeeding systems

Able to load thermoformers with film widths up to 590mm via the CCA-500 and up to 660mm on the weLOAD. The CCA-500 is the industry proven hygienically designed infeeding system, which can be used across a wide range of products.

The all new weLOAD automatic infeeder range, is available in a simple configuration for standard applications up to intelligent, split buffer execution when slicing multiple natural products simultaneously. 



The Smartloader provides a compact, flexible, simple and hygienic loading solution for sliced products. The system can format and group portions into packaging machine die configurations before automatically loading them via a fast-acting retraction conveyer.

Weber weSORT

Weber weSORT

weSORT is an innovative converging and buffering system to converge packaged products into one or two lanes to maximise line availability and overall equipment effectiveness. All settings can be customised to company requirements. Designed to integrate perfectly with the wePACK 7000 Thermoformer.


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