Butchery Division

Excellence and safety are at the forefront of the products offered by Interfood’s Butchery Division – click on the icons to the left to learn more

  • Astech SRA Automatic Bandsaw

The flagship product in the Astech range, is the Patented SRA auto-bandsaw. This new system offers significantly higher throughput than many other bandsaws on the market. With its precision auto-cutting and high quality consistent presentation, Astech delivers the same cut time and again while keeping the operator safely away from the blade – The Astech system is quickly becoming established in major food processing operations throughout the world. Please feel free to run the videos on our Astech page or feel free give us a call to learn more.

  • Bladestop™ Safety Bandsaws

Interfood’s Butchery Division is proud to represent the Bladestop™ safety bandsaw from Scott in Australia – Bladestop minimises the risk of serious operator injury by stopping the blade within milliseconds when it senses danger – The most dangerous machine in a meat cutting operation has at last been addressed, giving obvious benefits to not only the user but also the employer. Please feel free to run the videos on our Bladestop page or feel free give us a call to learn more.

  • Weber Derinding, Skinning, splitting & Scoring

The Full range of Weber Skinners and Derinders are available from our Butchery Division, including, splitters, strip-cutters, and scorers. Weber utilise modern hygienic design with superior build quality, to deliver optimum solutions for high yields.

We launched the Interfood Butchery Division in 2016 and safety was at the heart of our initial offering with BladeStop™, an innovative system specifically designed to prevent injuries from commercial bandsaws. Now, with the introduction of the Astech SRA automatic in-line bandsaw, we have extended the range we are able to offer to this important sector of the industry, with the equipment supported by service and back-up to optimise performance and profitability
Richard Nethercot - Group Divisional Manager, Low Risk
Butchery Division