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    The best machine for medium size operations. The PDC semi-automatic clipper can be used separately or together with your vacuum filler to produce diameters up to 115mm. All casing types can be used.

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    FCA 120

    The new range of machines from Poly-clip can produce products up to 160mm diameter. The voiding separator ensures clean sausage tails and a tighter seal is achieved with the new SAFE-COAT clip system.

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    TSCA 120

    Using reel stock film in lengths up to 3000m, the TSA system is ideal for high volume production. Casing is produced as it is required and stoppage time is kept to a minimum.

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    FCA 3442

    For expanding production consider a fully automatic machine.This compact clipper can handle plastic and fibrous casing up to 75mm diameter, is fast and easy to operate.

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    ICA 8700

    If you are producing large diameter logs for slicing you need an ICA. For diameters up to 200mm it has now become the industry standard.

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    IMD Metal Detector

    The new IMD metal detection system from Poly-clip is available for all new lines and is controlled by the clipper touch panel.

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    Simple yet effective, these compact single clipping machines can be found across the industry for small scale production or product development applications.


Poly-clip System remain the market leader in clipping and bag closing technology. From table top models to complete industrial high speed lines, their programme of continuous innovation provides the best solutions for your factory.

We provide sales and technical support for the full range from Poly-clip System, the world leader in chub and bag closing technology. Poly-clip System pride themselves in coupling reliability with performance, hygiene and safety.

We offer a vast range of machinery capable of accommodating any clipping application, from table top models to complete industrial high speed clipping operations. We also provide original safety coat clips manufactured from aluminium or plastic, together with tags and tag feeders for any operation.

Die Fleischerei Special 2016 Food Safety Article Click to download PDF > Die Fleischerei Special 2016 Food Safety Article

The training on the Poly-clip machines was excellent. Our staff left with a real appreciation of how to get the best out of the machines and they have already become a central part of our cooked meat process, prior to slicing. ”
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