27 Mar 2017


From its dedicated Packing Solutions Division, Interfood Technology offers the Sparc range of integrated metal detection/checkweighing and x-ray/checkweighing systems, now available with SparcEye.

SparcEye is an inspection system designed to provide fail-safe label and print verification on packaging.  Offering a capacity of up to 200 packs per minute, depending on the dimensions of the product (up to a maximum pack size of 300mm x 300mm x 100mm), it verifies every pack continuously, automatically checking that the pack data is correct.  This means that on-pack information such as the date code, the 1D or 2D barcode, label/product ID and any over-printed data is correct and matches the barcode and label ID held in a database.  In addition, once the database is successfully matched, the system automatically sets up the correct label verification, checkweigher, metal detector or x-ray and the date coder programs, to ensure every production run is set up correctly.  Having checked that all labels are present in the first place, it also identifies if they are in the right position.  It does this through dedicated top and bottom cameras which are 100% enclosed, thereby ensuring they are fully protected from any water or packaging debris, while also preventing any interference of the imaging through fingerprints on the lenses or lights. All machines can be networked to provide individual line, department and full factory reporting and control for detection, inspection and verification of all packs produced.

As well as being available as a fully integrated option within the Sparc range of checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray machines, it can be easily retro-fitted to existing Sparc lines. The machine offering just the SparcEye label inspection solution is the ‘Raptor’; the ‘Sentinel’ provides combined checkweighing and label inspection; while for those looking for combined metal detection, checkweighing and label inspection all from a single machine, Interfood offers the ‘Cerberus’ (with the Cerberus ‘Twin-Head’, Ferrous-in-Foil (FIF) metal detection is also included).  For combined label inspection and x-ray applications, there are the ‘Apollo’ and the ‘Theia’, with the latter also offering integrated checkweighing.

Divisional Manager at Interfood’s Packing Solutions Division, Rob Allen, said - “Product traceability and auditing of production processes have never been more important in the food industry as a means of ensuring product integrity and security.  Many of the major food retailers therefore adopt their own Codes of Practice (COP) or, failing that, the COP developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).  The standard SparcEye system has been designed with this very much in mind, offering full compliance with all current COPs for labelling and coding, be they from the individual retailer or the BRC.  Recognising that these codes can change to reflect emerging market trends, SparcEye is also fully configurable to accommodate such changes, thereby offering in-built future-proofing.”

It is also offered with a lockable reject bin and reject confirmation through an alarm which requires a secure password entry following a verification reject.  All pack inspection images and results are archived automatically to provide full traceability of data.

To minimise any potential downtime, access for remote diagnostics allows full technical support.

Packing Solutions is one of seven dedicated Divisions operated by Interfood.