06 Nov 2019

Serious About Slicing Cheese?

This is not a new slicer, it’s an industry proven fully independent four track slicer providing the absolute optimum in yield recovery and accuracy.

The Weber S6 can combine either of our proactive scanning systems (classic vision or X-ray), depending on the application to slice up to 4 products completely independently. With a slicing throat capable of slicing up to 520mm wide the ability to slice up to 520mm wide, the S6 also has fully independent interleaving tracks inclusive of portion completion.

Further combined with vacuum grippers to reduce end piece waste by 50%, giveaway figures at 0.1% and 100% on weights are typical results. Equipped with an all new Precision Cutting System the S6 provides the ultimate solution for production efficiency. This is not just any slicer, it was built to slice Cheese. On top of that the level of hygienic design is staggering, fully sealed positive pressure controlled cabinets ensure there is no air change with the production environment, so no ingress of potential contaminates. Built to withstand the pressures of harsh environments with long run times and intensive hygiene regimes, without compromising fast changeovers.

If you want true proven performance in a flexible modular package look no further.

With this type of performance line automation is a must, regardless of your packaging method we have a solution to fully automate your line whether it be in-feeding, pick and place, Weber’s innovative Shuttle System or high-speed inline feeding to flow wrapping systems we have a proven solution.